Figment Learn: Sputnik DAO Pathway

:wave: Hi Builders!

We’re looking forward to the Open Web Community Summit + Hackathon, and we’re planning a special opportunity for hackers to start earning rewards with the Figment Learn Pathway for NEAR developers. Our tutorials can help you get up and running quickly to learn the key concepts behind NEAR development and understand key benefits of using DataHub, our infrastructure service.

Along with other DAOs participating in this unique “Governance Challenge,” we are offering up to 2000 NEAR to contributors who create their own tutorials. If you contribute a tutorial and it’s merged on Learn, you will receive $500 in NEAR! :money_mouth_face:

Additionally, the top 3 tutorials contributed during the hackathon will receive prizes of $2,500, $1,500, and $1,000 in NEAR respectively and a subscription to DataHub Plus for free for 3 months. :moneybag:

You can check out available NEAR tutorials on Learn, with 12 already contributed by the community. :books:

And because Figment always has more ways to incentivize its community, you can get paid $5 in NEAR to complete the NEAR pathway on Figment Learn! :tada:

We’re looking forward to seeing your contributions during the hackathon :muscle:


Hey @YF-Figment! Can u suggest to me any near tutorial you are looking for and some resources from where I can take help and create the tutorial.


Hey @Tanishq
Thanks for showing your interest to write tutorials. You can find the list of the available tutorial topics/ideas HERE also please check THIS Let us know if you have any queries. Thanks :slight_smile:

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@YF-Figment @Yash Following is my submission for the hackathon :-

Near Registry

Near Registry allows you to track popular content just like Hacker News. Anyone can post an entry to the Near Registry. Up voting the content requires you to attach NEAR. Same logic can be extended for any other type of registry

Code link
Tutorial link

Project members: viraj.near

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Hey Viraj,

Thanks for the update.
This sounds good. Can you please fill the form to write a tutorial HERE We’ll review it, chat with you and after that, you can make PR to add it to Figment Learn. Feel free to ask if you have any queries.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I filled the form. Thanks!

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