Feedback/suggestions re DevRel OKRs for Q1 2021

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I have two concrete comments/observations re DevRel OKRs for 2021 Q1. I think the following are missing but are extremely important/P1:

A) relaunch or build a community program targeted at devs (junior & senior) - this could be our prev. dev guild or core contributor program (if you need help with ideas, structure, etc happy to help from community team but I think this should be owned by DevRel)
Basically, a technical community member who is not member of a guild doing sth specific has no place to go to feel belonging and have a community to hang out with!!!

B) launch and manage a devrel guild or taskforce. This guild would be like an in-house raidguild who can do all things our internal technical devrels can do (from hackathon support to demos and presos for tech speaker program). It is different than dev guild or core contributor program. Here you are a member to serve needs from others (community, hackers, DApps, …) whereas in core contributor program you are on your own growth journey and not expected to help others/serve other people’s needs!

I hope this is helpful. Community team will be more than happy to help you launch, organise and run these guilds/communities!

Cc @illia @potatodepaulo

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This should be community owned and DevRel supported!

We don’t have capacity right now and getting core contribs and partners is currently higher priority, but that’s not permanent. Having a devrel guild would be amazing.


Thanks Peter. We will prioritise incubating and relaunching this Guild in this Q.

FYI any devs reading this from our community … please reach out to me or @shreyas if you want to help us launch this Guild. We’re also looking to hire a full time technical community manager focused on hackathons and this Guild.

DM me if you wanna apply :unicorn:

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