DevRel Weekly Update [ WE 08.14.2021 ]


# Description Difference
10 New contracts deployed on mainnet :arrow_down_small: 6
232 Weekly active developers :arrow_up_small: 65
85 New developers :arrow_up_small: 59
57 Q’s asked / answerd in support channels :arrow_down_small: 10



  • DevRel hosted office hours created
    • 12-2PM PST - Tuesdays
    • 9-11AM PST - Fridays
  • DevRel support shift created and added to public calendar
    • Core DevRel Engineers begin alternating days of channel support ownership
  • Support metrics system created and collected for month of August
  • Zero-to-Hero tutorial plan finalized! :tada:
    • Begin execution plan in collaboration with DevPlatform Monday 8/16

Team Update:

In Progress


:arrow_right: HACKATHON :arrow_left:

  • Sync with education on workshops
  • Brainstorm on potential hackathon challenges
  • Update Copper CRM with developer communities for hackathon outreach
  • Reach out to communities / spread awareness
  • Compose hackathon challenges submission form
  • Update hackathon startup guide
  • Begin Zero-to-Hero tutorial collaboration with DevPlatform
  • Update tutorials landing page
  • Begin Docusaurus v2 migration (Jake will assist in CSS woes)
  • Create team matching process. (Github and NEAR jobs site were suggestions)