[February] Billionaire Bulls Club: Moderation position [Closed]

Hi Neareans and Sandboxers,

Hugs to everyone that wish to receive one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As part of my Project Ops activities I have to reach projects and help them, in this case Billionaire Bulls is an NFT project that is schedule for launching with TenkBay on March. :rocket:

This time we are looking for 2 collaborators who will help Billionaire Bulls Club to grow their community on Discord and Twitter


  • Moderation
  • Conduct research to discover how to connect with other communities
  • Organize and run contests and community growth campaigns


  • Experience in public speaking and giving conferences (AMAs)
  • +5 years of experience with cryptocurrencies / +1 on NFTs
  • Advanced knowledge on social media management (Discord Servers / Twitter )

The estimated time of workload is 2-4 hours daily and 15 hours/ weekly

:100: Reward: 300 USD :100:

:star: DM me with a brief description of your previous experience to schedule an interview or ask questions :star:

Apex Bull#2322 → ejabani.near (1 payout claim pending)


plz check the DM. I sent you the messenger already


This project was 100% successful

We helped the Billionaire Bulls with two moderators @holuongduc and @Ejabani

Here are the links to the NFT project:

:firecracker: ・Twitter : https://twitter.com/BullsNear

:ox: ・Website : http://billionaire-bulls.club/

:space_invader: ・Discord : Billionaire Bulls Club

Thank you for your help. I always appreciate that.
Willing to support you any project you need.

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