[December] 500 Seasons Metaverse: help us with social network management: Candidates are found

Dear Sandboxers,

Thank you for collaborating, playing, and learning with us all year!

We invite you to participate in the last project of this year - Metaverse 500 Seasons.

The authors share with us the world consisting of 500 unique pieces, each of them is an episode full of characters, plot twists, and loot.

Join the discord channel of 500 Seasons to explore all opportunities of Metaverse.

We are looking for a person who will help us manage Discord, Telegram, and Twitter. We need an enthusiast who will develop and grow the community around 500 Seasons Metaverse.

The daily tasks will take approximately 2 hours per day, and 10 - 14 hours weekly.


  • Excellent English verbal and written communication.
  • Experience creating, configuring and moderating multiple Discord servers
  • Creating/configuring bots (Collab.Land, MEE6, Giveaway, Server Stats, Invite Tracker, Dyno, Tip.cc, etc.)
  • Experience managing multiple large communities on Discord (100+ members each)
  • Experience managing of Telegram and Twitter
  • Basic knowledge of blockchain and NEAR ecosystem
  • Gaming background
  • Interest to be engaged in the world of 500 Seasons

Match with all qualifications is required to proceed with the next steps!

:moneybag:Reward: :moneybag:
150 USD/month

:fire:Deadline for the call: :fire:
5th of January

Send me a brief description of your previous experience to start the collaboration


Hi im interested in this but im still Trying My luck :heart:

I am Ligaya From Philippines and im interested in this Bounty…
Im not as fluent in english like others but i can communicate well especially to those who are not good in english from other countries i sometime talk in riddles but i communicate well to others.

My work experience is i am an admin for a Group Community about arts for 2 years and upnto present. I used to featured artwrks of Artist and manage one group Chat consisting of 70 members active everyday. I am a mod in a Art Group and also a Admin of a page about art where to feature artist and thier arts. .

I dont know if this fits to the Hiring but still trying :heart::heart: thank you and Happy New year​:heart::heart::heart:

Hey, I am interested,

About my Qualifications -
I Have All the skills which your project looking for …

I had worked with So many projects like
Coinsbit Exchange, Sheepdex, Brokoli Network, and Open Leverage and Bank SeaFinance
All projects are big in terms of future development and Valuation

Community management
Business development
Photo Editing
Video Editing
Content Creation
Social media

I am a very resourceful person and will be very glad to work with your team. My content creations are truly eye-catching and help drive a lot of traffic. I really hope you consider this proposal as I believe at my current salary requirement, I will be a perfect candidate to hire in the Blockchain ecosystem.

I can help in growing your community through Discord community management, post adverts for your company. And help in the community growth part of it.

Technical Knowledge
Beta tester
Bot Integration in Discord and Telegram
Node runner on Window XP to 11

Experience -


This is My first Journey as an Ambassador
As an Asian, I am an Indian Community Moderator and Admin in Social media Platforms
Creating memes and videos
Creating buzz about token listing any Giveaway on Social media paid and non-paid
Working with Big exchange platform providing different ideas and solutions for the project
Working on Community Channel help people and Solve their Query

As An Asian Community Moderator
Working for project As a team-building and Educate project to the people
Helsing AMA for further Growth of Project
Collaboration and Cross-promotion with Other projects to give Garab More attention.
Twitter Space and Telegram Voicechat to Entertain and Make Community Active

Brokoli Network
Creating Graphic and Video’s for Project and Promotion throughout Social media
Creating Airdrop form, Gleam and Other Sources to getting leads of people
Running Some campaign on Poocoin as Add Campaign for Attention to user’s and investors

Thanks, Regards
Shubam Maheshwari


Hey thnx for contacting but i hav no experience of making a secure discord server :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Hello, I am interested for this position,

As I show your discord server which you have right now, I can’t understand the language which server have at that time but as per your requirement I know the English.

Currently I am working as an Administrator of NEAR NFT CLUB’s Discord server.
Server was lunch in October and currently it has 670 Members.
As per you mention in requirements specially regarding to bots, those all bots are in the server and all are works perfectly.
Let’s talk about Telegram and Twitter, so I am playing supportive role for this both platforms because my main focus on discord but I know all the basic to manage both platforms.

Here, I am attach the link of NEAR NFT CLUB’s server for your reference NEAR NFT Club

In the server, My nickname is Chandresh | NNC ADMIN as show the different from other members and new members can easily recognize Staff members.

Thanks & Regards,
Chandresh Patel

Hello, I am interested
I am Aman from India, a full-time Social Media Manager for almost 2 years, have excellent experience in managing all social media platforms including Telegram & Twitter with some amazing ‘Graphic Sense’. Also, have good knowledge to handle a Discord.

An active member of NEAR Blockchain, actively participating in many NEAR telegram groups & Discord.

I think I am fit for this opportunity…

I would like to say thank you to contributors involved in the project:
@kodandi - 400 USD (kodandi.near)
@Kostiya - 400 USD (kostiya.near)
@Albhion - 400 USD (shubham007.near)


@valeriy.nemyrov Thank you for supporting and building a strategy for 500 seasons in March.
the reward 1500 USD is approved