FDAO file for [@ankit2866]

Hello [@ankit2866] This is your transparent file on forum & your report and jurisdiction would be done on this post thread only.

Activities tend to start as early as possible within (1st-7th) and report should be submitted within 20th-25th of any month your activities was carried out.

The link on how to start your test phase was sent to your email :e-mail: so it would be great to utilize the doc

:memo: Note: if you miss the deadline to submit your report , you would have to submit it the next month on the 20th -25th.

Thanks :pray: and Godspeed


thanks for Opportunity.

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The file below contains the report from @ankit2866 being part of the free trial Engagers onboarding on F-DAO for August
I’m sharing this post for transparency as the usear is new to the forum and unable to share links and images.

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I’m good with sharing the report from alphaflex. It’s about what happened during August’s F-DAO trial. I’m new and can’t share links yet, so I’m being open here in the community.

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Dear @ankit2866 I appreciate your report, and after giving it a comprehensive assessment, I came to this conclusion:

For Trial Gift

+10 posts on BOS and meet the 3.5k impressions on Twitter; therefore, you’re eligible for the $30 gift for the trial phase.

For leveling up or dismissal

-meet 3.5k impressions = 1 mark
-You engaged on our post on at least 70% on VIP chamber = 1 mark
-memes = 0.9 mark
-graphics = 0.7 mark
With a total of 3.6 marks

According to the marking scheme of our DAO, you’re hereby leveled up to the NOVICE level Read about the novice level and we will send you the badge as a verified engaged.

Status:: Leveled Up

Wait for guidelines and further information on how to receive your $30 gift and if you’re able to level up, it’s mandatory to join our DAO on Astro as a “Verified Engager.”


-Make more creative posts and content on BOS moving forward
-Retweet less on X, instead quote the tweet, and comment on importing posts related to the ecosystem.

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Hi @ankit2866

You can now create a transfer proposal on Astro DAO to request for your gift.
Use this description while requesting on Astro
Description- Requesting for 24.6NEAR @1.22 for 30$ bounty gift , for the Freelancer DAO trial phase bounty, since I’m eligible for the bounty.

Link-> [add your forum file link]

If you don’t know how to propose a transfer learn here using the video or doc below



Our DAO on Chain on Astro’s

Thanks. Also request a proposal to be added to our DAO by requesting to become a “verified Engager”

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thanks for giving me the opportunity. thanks a lot. understand how to open.

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Hello there, @alphaflex! I’m ANKIT, and it’s a pleasure to connect with you.

I’ve recently concluded my duties for the month of SEPTEMBER, during which I was actively participating in Freelancers DAO. To keep you informed, I’ve compiled a detailed task list in the spreadsheet linked below:

I’ve engaged with every tweet from Freelancer DAO and NDC.

Twitter Engagement:

Whatsapp status :

#FDAO meetings :

Account Information:

Telegram username @ankit2866

Near native wallet ankit2866.near

NearSocial profile link Ankit (ankit2866.near) | Near Social

Twitter statistics update:

Posts related to NEAR:

Regular tweets - 32

Meme tweets - 13

NEAR social posts - 48

Infographic - 4

Telegram sticker- 1


Thanks for your report @ankit2866

After a careful review as a recently promoted novice of FDAO this is your evaluation your meet up to all KPI for the novice engager.

Claimable reward

Twitter post: 30 x 1$

Meme: 10 x 2$

Graphics: 2 x 5$

Total rewards: 50$ which is the max for Novice

Criteria For Leveling Up

●well constructed post by a novice

●Meet up 5k Impressions on twitter in a month

●Been active on our socials

●Original contents and proper use of mandatory


●Joining weekly calls

●On-chain activity


*Make more original content on twitter and BOS

*work on improving your engagement likes,repost & comments.

you are hereby eligible to be promoted to the Lancer stage
You can head to Astro Dao to claim your $50 reward 46.04 $NEAR with e pricing $1.11

If you don’t know how to propose a transfer learn here using the video or doc below



Our DAO on Chain on Astro’s

Thanks a lot FDAO and you for giving me opportunity, one question is that am I upgraded?