Expanding DAO Toolset on NEAR

Hi guys,

I’m the co-founder of Startin’blox, an open source low-code app builder for interoperable applications, with 30 clients and 500 k€ of revenue this year.

We think that DAOs should run without relying on any centralized Web2 provider. And not just DAOs: eventually, every organization will opt for sovereign and fully decentralized collaborative tools. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, both business-wise and as a force for good.

Astro is already a rich toolset for creating and operating DAOs, with key features such as voting and allocating funds. Startin’blox can add much more — any collaborative feature, like a member directory, a map, a list of tasks, etc.— without compromising on data sovereignty.

I’m considering preparing a proposal for a grant from NEAR.
I’d love to discuss with someone involved in the NEAR ecosystem to present our plans first, and see if you get as excited as I am about it.

Thank you and have a great day!