[Proposal, rejected] Build DAO: Funding Proposal (June 2024)

Build DAO is a member-owned collective, resource hub, and coordination system for open web projects. Our common goals include sustainable development, community support, and impact.

Q1 Summary

In response to pressing needs of the NEAR ecosystem, we anchored initial efforts on developing solutions for activating builders and retaining helpful contributors.

The DAO-adjacent legal entity, NEAR Builders Cooperative, has effectively managed the Build DAO treasury, allocating the $75K (23K NEAR) received from NDC to empower builders of valuable projects, including:

Fortunately, we were able to stretch resources for January and February through April, and our team is now finding more opportunities to get hired by NEAR ecosystem participants.

Together, DAO members help other builders by developing reusable solutions with the apps, tools, and examples we provide.


Having delivered our ecosystem’s first public goods funding platform (PotLock), we’re excited to build momentum by expanding our explorations with Gitcoin, beyond bringing their passport stack into our identity verification systems, into their support of our efforts to build commons (and the public goods that serve it).

We believe these goods and services are synonymous with the resources we aim to make available and accessible to all builders looking to create better solutions, and we’re refining the speed and skill with which we can coach them through turning those solutions into worthwhile products.

As we look forward, we are seeing a natural progression of our portfolio to meet the needs of our present moment. These focal points are best described as follows:


1. Build Systems

Continuing the original mission of developing support programs, clarifying standards / types, providing useful toolkits, evolving applications (templates for blueprints), refining feedback channels, evolving project development journeys, widening talent funnels, etc.

2. Build Commons

Launching a new initiative to engage builders of public goods, infrastructure, standards & trust in open web environments.

3. Build Coherence

Establishing, improving, and testing protocols that enhance coordination, group decision-making processes, alignment-inducing infrastructure, and governance tools / frameworks that naturally support progress.

4. Build Rewards

Researching, refining, and implementing mechanisms that support and motivate builders to make high-value contributions to their projects, missions, and ecosystems. This begins and ends with opportunities to experiment, report, and resolve issues.

This has grown out of a goal that we’ve shared since the beginning of BOS, which is finally beginning to take shape: mechanism designs tailored specifically to benefit those building the solutions that benefit the greater whole. These meaningful reward systems not only validate the work of our most influential builders, but also, they give hope and inspire progress for those with the most promising contributions to offer.

To ensure we continue to cultivate meaningful opportunities and collaborations, we are running a series of campaigns to spread awareness and educate developers:

Major Campaigns

  • Build Dash: collapsing insight
  • Build Casts: content submissions
  • Build Mentors: 1-1 growth systems
  • Build Commons: supportive middle grounds
  • Build Futures: mapping systems + services for projects

These will operate in tandem with, and complimentary to in-person activations:

Upcoming Events

  • HawkHacks
  • EthPrague
  • Build Austin @ Consensus
  • Training program launch in June
  • EdCon

We look forward to seeing you there, and thank you for helping us on our way.

Proposal Details

Build DAO is now requesting $75k to fund governance initiatives that further support and retain active builders in the NEAR ecosystem. This funding will help us to:

  • Engage developers with training and rewards for completed tasks
  • Grow sustainable programs to support NEAR builders and projects
  • Produce a legendary series of events during Consensus in Austin

Why fund Build DAO?


Our community-led initiatives drive adoption of NEAR and the blockchain operating system.

  • Paid opportunities engage builders from EVM-based projects to use Near Social
  • Decentralized governance fosters a collaborative and inclusive work environment
  • Cooperative membership generates opportunities to retain qualified contributors

Ultimately, we support everyone who is creating a more accessible and equitable internet.

Total Budget: $75K

May — June, 2024

  • Application Development: $40K
  • Support + Training Program: $20K
  • Build Austin Events: $15K

New projects include near-bos-webcomponent, Near Social JS, Open Web Browser, JSinRust, and supporting changes to the VM.

Next Highlight:

Build Austin: Events during Consensus

Thanks for considering our proposal to build a multi-chain ecosystem with NEAR. This funding would empower cooperative members who strengthen connections across networks and cultivate shared interests. Let’s #build!