[Event Proposal] NxM Live IX

NxM Live IX is the next event showcasing a variety of talent in the Near ecosystem.
The event will be broadcast in Cryptovoxels:

Sets can be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour long.
Ideally we want to see artists doing their thing in front of the camera, but also accept audiovisual sets for those who are also visual artists.

Pre-recorded content should be submitted via this form:

This event will run on Saturday 29th January, with a time to be agreed upon between live artists that works for all locations.

Deadline for submission of per-recorded artists, or confirmation of successful self-test for live artists is Wednesday 26th January, 2pm PST. This is a firm deadline with no exceptions.
We want the artists to receive as much exposure as possible, so early submission is hugely beneficial. If more than 1 artist misses the deadline, the event will unfortunately be postponed.

Who (prospective but still TBC):

  • Lebon
  • Jahzone
  • Licious Crackitt
  • The Tune

Cost Breakdown

Artists @ $125USD each (Total $500USD)
Cryptovoxels Venue Hire @ $50USD
Audiato Event-as-a-Service - Infrastructure, Event Coordination @ $450USD
Total $875-1000USD, depending on artist turnout/submission

@vandal tagging you in for approval!


Thanks for your proposal @Audiato and we look forward to supporting this for January. I personally would like to see more effort go into promoting the event to increase exposure and have a better turnout in Cryptovoxels. I think that’s been lacking a bit as of late.

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@Audiato … I echo what @vandal is saying.

NxM Live has been a cornerstone of the Guild and hopefully it continues to be important going forward…

The attendance for December [NxM live 7] looked pretty good…without attendance bounties etc…but NxM Live 8 was pretty empty for the most part…which might not have been helped by the holidays and the switching of dates etc…but it does feel like the event needs a more coordinated marketing effort.

Let’s hope that Nxm Live 9 sees the franchise back to its best ! :+1: :+1:


Deadlines have been missed by the performers again.
Event has been postponed to Feb 5th.


The amount of energy I’ve put in, and the stress this has created trying to organise this event has been exhausting.
The current artist onboarding process has failed twice in a row now. Something has to change.
I covered two artists with my own work, to make up for one non-delivery and one who tried, but missed deadline and left me trying to load videos in while the event was live.

Our poster artist did not make requested changes to the flyer, resulting not only in postponement of the event, but also a last-minute replacement artist who actually understood the assignment.

Our automation was not used whatsoever in this event either. Everything was done manually by me, so I was awake at 3am trying to do a sound check for Lebon, who despite having the instructions 25 days ago, did not test his setup until 1 hour before the event.

There will be no NxM Live event at the end of February, as I need time to re-work the process and make this simpler for everyone involved.
Please keep an eye out for posts from @Audiato regarding the new sign-up proposal.

While it may limit some people from participation initially, it will raise the standard of these events, significantly streamlining the entire process, from expression of interest, to selection, to promotion, to payout.

Stay tuned.


You have put in a lot of work, it’s not easy to herd the cats my friend! One of my suggestions is that NxM Live could be used to onboard more established artists who have the ability to deliver on time. So maybe one Headliner and an Opening Act from the community. This could allow more budget to be allocated to a headliner. Just a thought! Less artists make it easier to manage :slight_smile: Also with events that run longer than 1 - 1.5 hrs people tend to lose focus…


For general reference if this proposal or others from @Audiato / @chmod_000 move forward, this individual has passed the KYC check.