Eladrea - unique game with 3 in 1 genres: RPG, Team Battler and 4x strategy

Eladrea The Land of Ancients

This is the fantasy-setting metaverse with combination of best gaming genres: 4x strategy, RPG and team-battler on Unreal Engine 5


A Play and Earn blockchain game that combines 4x strategy gameplay, RPG experience and team battler combat model

The highest performance of the graphic components based on Unreal Engine 5

NFT Heroes from Eladrea can be transferred to other projects within metaverse using general $ELDR token

Equivalent earning opportunities for players and investors

Flexible tokenomics with many earning and burning mechanisms

Rich in-game lore. A detailed history of the game world and fractions

Eladrea is the complex product on the edge of modern game industry, blockchain and NFTs, developed to bring new user experience not only in play to earn industry but also in traditional gaming by building first 4x strategy RPG on Unreal Engine 5. We gathered all the best and useful for players features and tried to create the best. Also in total we gonna develop 5 games and unite them in one Metaverse with only one governance token for all games $ELDR

The ecosystem

Game. 4x strategy team battler RPG

NFT Marketplace. Allow to buy characters, weapons, additional features

Exchange. Convenient exchange of coins within the project

Wallet. Storage of all players assets in the Near network

$ELDR token. All components are part of the metaverse with a single token

The project’s ecosystem is designed so that in the long term, players and investors have equal opportunities to earn money in the game. The token economy is developed in such a way that the withdrawal of tokens is limited and possible only after some time spent in game

NFT potential

Creation of cross playing NFTs. So that the same asset can be used in different games inside metaverse. This is an excellent growth point for cross marketing activities. From this place the potential of NFT is revealed

In total we are planning to distribute 3 240+ characters, 260+ unique building and 1000+ unique items NFTs

The market

The gaming market has been growing since the pandemic’s beginning and according to forecast this grow will continue. (214 Bn $ in 2021 to 321 Bn in 2026) After 2021 mobile games have taken a leading positions and attracting more and more players. The same applies to crypto based projects, interest in them is constantly increasing.

We choose NEAR blockchain to run game ecosystem because of ability to run game ecosystem on layer 1, high TPS, lowest slippage, negligible transaction fees and delegated from-of-stake security system

The Roadmap

Q42022 alpha version with limited gameplay, $ELDR seed sale

Q1 2023 Characters and environments announcement, $ELDR private sale, NFT presale

Q2 2023 Beta version, marketplace demo, full market expansion, NFT collection release

Q3 2023 Mystery boxes, box sets sales, active marketing compane before full launch

Q4 2023 Full game release

The Team

Artem Polchenko, founder&CFO, linkedin(dot)com/in/artem-polchenko-4a1a8a169/

Maksym Diuzhev, founder&CEO, linkedin(dot)com/in/maksym-diuzhev/

Vadym Sadkovsyi, founder&CQO

We build all by our own funding and right now looking for grants and other types of funding and support for NEAR blockchain integrations and marketing, ecosystem growing

Total request: 30,000 NEAR

More data, key metrics and game imaginations you can find In our Pitch Deck


Super project , I really want to play faster

Super Great project!!!

Super :ok_hand: project


Definitely this project deserves special attention, great idea! a new breath in the world of games, looking forward to the appearance of this game on the store, huge respect to the creators for such awesome work

Eladrea - waiting !Top game, top team! :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Great project can’t wait for this masterpiece to come out!

Great project good luck :pray:t2::ukraine::+1:

Поддерживаю эту команду в их начинаниях) Уверен проэкт полюбят многие)


Очень жду проект , думаю команда создала очень хороший игру , как для меня их дорога очень привлекательна и полна надежд

Great team. looking forward to

Interesting idea, looking forward to it

5-game shared universe sounds very interesting

ELADREA is number one in its segment!!!

Would highlight that all of the above comments are from brand new accounts. That’s a red flag.

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It should be noted that this is a community project that wants to develop its project.
And you do not put up a red flag, but to write questions for the project, which will help you make sure its relevance porosknu. And don’t ignore the innovative, up-and-coming teams that can make your blockchain billions of transactions.
Have you become familiar with the token mining and burning system in this project?

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I’m not ignoring anything, by any means. Project looks sound (at face value) and I’m sure they can achieve success.

However, objectively, in the past when threads suddenly get attention from new accounts with comments of support (that tend to add no substance and consist of ‘good project’) then it’s generally a red flag.


Yes, perhaps the few words of the community itself leave much to be desired and better statements about the project they want to support. But there is nothing criminal in the fact that there is someone to support the project. According to previous posts and left on the forum Prososal’s, we can see that projects without a community are of little interest to anyone.
God forbid that all doubts remain only doubts.
The project looks very cool - it would be great if you could get all the details from them.

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Looking forward to the launch of the game

Dear David! New game, new accounts, new users. What’s wrong here? Please check out this project.

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