DRetros - dapp for team retrospectives on NEAR protocol


For the Createbase hackaton, we would like to build a tool for teams to create agile retrospective ceremonies through a decentralized application. Organizations from around the globe have been using apps and storing all the projects retrospectives in third party platfforms (Jira, Trello, Gitlab, Github, etc) with no control whatsoever over their data, who can access it and manage it.

Enabling project retrospectives with complete privacy and control of all the information. With DRetros your organization and individuals can manage all the data generated throughout the team’s retrospectives in the NEAR blockchain protocol.

We have been working with agile methodologies to design, build and launch software for the last decade, but our tools have stayed the same. We use platforms that store our information with out any control from the organization and users that interact with them, they are the owners of the information and should always have the last word on who has access to their data.

We want to change that, your retros your data.

The Value:

We want to create a solution that takes into consideration privacy and data control as the cornerstone of the platform where organizations and individuals can collaborate and organize their projects. So we are launching a DApp for the Retrospectives ceremony called DRetros.

Our goal is for distributed teams in any organization can do easily do a team retrospective, with full control of the data being put into the app. We will not store any information from the retrospectives and the data will only be accesible to the individuals who participated in the ceremony.

For this hackaton we will build a Proof of Concept, to show that you can do a simple retro with 3 columns the team needs to fill: What went Well - What went Wrong - What should be improved. We will store the information in the NEAR blockchain so only the participants can have access, also tamper proof the data so only the user who owns the information can change it.

For Developers

  • Simple application to host decentralized retrospective ceremonies.
  • Now teams and individuals can own their data and we will just provide the game dynamics.
  • Simple dashboard to review the retrospectives ceremonies individual team members have participated in.

For Teams and Organizations

  • We ensure organizations that a more secure way of sharing and collaborating through the NEAR protocol can be achieved.
  • Full control of their data and auditable so they can be sure that no individual has tampered with their information.
  • Dashboard to review a teams retrospective ceremonies.
  • Only scrum masters (retro owners) can be able to alter retrospectives.

How DRetros Work and Implementation

  • We will create a web application, so users can login with their NEAR account
  • For this initial PoC there will not be any costs associated to use the DApp (we will incorporate a business model later), just sign up and pay the network fee to enable the contract
  • The retrospectives owner - aka Scrum Master - will the user managing each retrospectives ceremony and will be leading the game dynamic.
  • We will implement a 3Ws game, showing 3 columns to fill out by the team: What went Well, What went Wrong, & What needs to be improved.
  • Game play will be done in real time, if the platform allows it. IF not it will be done async.
  • Teams can access a dashboard to review the retrospectives they have participated.
  • Scrum Masters can review and modify retrospectives.

Stages of Work

Stage 1:

Dates: May 17 to 23

  • Work on the login to the DApp and activate the session with a NEAR Account
  • Start ideating and planning the smart contract to enable the retrospectives ceremony
  • Review storage capabilities in the NEAR protocol, to store each retrospective ceremony
  • Prepare project slides

Stage 2:
Dates: May 24 to 31

  • Implement the smart contract endpoints to the DApp
  • Implement the game dynamic and real time messaging to the DApp
  • Shareable link to join a retrospective ceremony

Stage 3:
Dates: June 1st to 6

  • Implement storage capabilities
  • Build retrospectives dashboard for a team/organization
  • Prepare DEMO video :smiley:


Payout Account: dretros.near

Hector - hbf.near
Rodrigo - rodmoreno.near
Mario - mariogm.near
Claudio - cacossio.near
Manuel - tuxcan.near


Here are the presentation slides for the hackathon.


We will upload later the DEMO video :smiley:


DRetros team :metal:


Which hackathon category is this for?

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The DApp does not fall into any of the 8 categories. It was stated that for projects not aligned to any of the categories we should just drop the proposal under the Creatives tag.

Ok, so you are planning on just posting here and not submitting to any of the DAOs for rewards I assume then?

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Here is the final presentation of DRetros, we managed to finish it today. Since we ran into some technical issues. But the team pull through :metal:

Let us know your feedback :slight_smile:

Video - DRetros DEMO - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Next steps:

  • We need to work on privacy and security of the stored information from the retrospective ceremony. Right now as you see in the DEMO it is saved in clear text on the ledger. Which is not optimal for being used by organizations or teams.
  • Have the webapp in place with the necessary security measures to secure the game dynamic.
  • Allow users to change the retros information, right now it is read only. We did not have time to implement fetching the data and have it displayed in the dashboard.
  • Implement a payment for the use of the DApp :moneybag:

Overall a great experience seeing the workshops and getting feedback from Nerians.

Looking forward for the next event :wink:

Just submitted to the NFT-Gaming DAO :sweat_smile:

Here is the Github code repository:

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Better late than never :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @claudioac We are not sure if your submission fits into the gaming category, but since you said you could not find a category to fit your submission, we will approve as an incentive for you to continue working on your dapp and hope you can find appropriate support and feedback for the future steps in your project.

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Thanks! We are launching it on June 28. So we can use it as an example to onboard new users in the NEAR Hispano Guild activities :wink:

Appreciate the support!

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