Digital Passport NFTs - Your Digital Traveler Book In One App✈️

Wouldn’t it be cool and convenient to have all the places that you have visited in your hands?

With NFT Passport you can collect and display unique local NFTs from the comfort of your hands.

Every time that you visit a country, a city, or a place you can buy, collect or get for free NFTs. Especially when you participate in activities within local communities that support its local economy, such as visiting local places, museums, monuments, eating at local restaurants, or buying goods from local makers.

Every community will decide what is important to them and how to reward their visitors. They can choose to provide free or very low price NFTs as a way of souvenirs giving travelers the opportunity to collect and display unique local NFTs.
This will stimulate traveling, the global economy and it will give travelers the opportunity to have all their trips in one digital app. Where they can look back and trace their travels by looking at their NFTs on a global map. Every NFT will display helpful information about the place and about the NFT itself such as the date and time.

NFT Passport will work in association with local governments, communities, and creators to establish where NFTs can be collected by travelers and what their unique design will be.

Project Presentation: TBD

Project Video: TBD

Project Git Repo: TBD

NEAR ADDRESS: electrone901.near

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Here is the link to my Powerpoint Deck: Digital Passport - Google Slides

Here is the link for the video

Hi, @lenara I didn’t I was allowed to keep working waiting to get approaved, I was waiting and because of it I submitted 2 hours late, is that ok?

Hi @electrone901

No problem, the council is just now voting our last round, and it’s ok for projects already started to take a few more days to complete.

We could not find the link for your github repo though, can you post the link in this thread? Thanks!

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Here is my Github project repo link GitHub - electrone901/-Digital-Passport

sorry, it was in the previous thread, I accidentally edited it, sorry about that.