Making NEAR NFT WEEK Issues better!

It’s always exciting to explore new things, especially in an environment like NEAR.
As a result, we at NEAR NFT have decided to try something new with our weekly editions.

As you are all familiar!
We’ve begun uploading our NEAR NFT Edition, information, and significant events.

So, we decided to break the content into several segments to attempt something new!

That indeed entails a substantial amount of effort! But, well, you’ve got us covered.

Yes, I’m skipping ahead to the good part!

→ In NEAR NFT Week, there will be three major segments:
We believe that information is a powerful tool; therefore, we’ve dedicated our Monday to bringing you the “Marketplace EDITION.” It will contain all the essential details on the NEAR Market Place.

→ As a result of our membership in this burgeoning community, we’ve decided that each Wednesday will be devoted to the “COMMUNITY EDITION,” which will feature information about DAO, Guilds, and other topics.

→ As we get NEAR to the weekend, our Friday is jam-packed with Giveaways and the NFT Collection of the Week, where you will learn about all the New NFT collections, artists onboarded in that week, Giveaway held; among ecosystem, and much more!

Weekends will be all about the #NEARnft hashtag, posted between Saturday and Sunday.

Yes, we’ve made sure that our Editions will not bore you. So, for you and us, this will be much fun.

For Reference Please check our 18th Edition

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