DIA; De-centralized Intelligence Agency

The impact of Covid remains an ongoing challenge, and it’s clear that amidst differing viewpoints, one universal need emerges: a fresh, impartial, and globally sourced platform for current events. This platform will be community led by intellectually endowed and renowned critical thinkers from around the globe, offering a collectively unbiased view of global happenings to empower us all to be informed citizens.

In a world recently halted for an extended period due to fear-driven narratives and profit motives, the significance of decentralized data becomes paramount. By dispersing information sources and fostering transparency, decentralized data ensures a more reliable, untainted flow of information, mitigating the impact of fear-driven agendas and prioritizing truth over sensationalism. This safeguards against manipulative influences, enabling a more resilient and informed society.

If this project gets any air under its wings, I will be directly contacting heads of alumni from colleges and universities to discuss the potential impact. People that recieved the mystery shots are understandably infuriated and possibly worried about the long term effects that have yet to be seen. I would have much rather debated constructively with vaxxers than be forcefully removed from the culling of the herd.

All uploaded posts will charge a small fee to cover the cost of adding data to the chain; I think this could improve the overall post quality while reducing the total quantity of posts a healthy margin. Ideally, the conversations themselves will be enough to deter unproductive and ignorant behavior.

Anyways, I appreciate you taking the time. I’d like to wish you and yours a very cheerful and prosperous new year, as well as a very Merry ChrismaHanukKwanza

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