[proposal] NEAR India Guild for covid-19

Hi team, I am a core member of the NEAR India Guild and in lieu of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis in India, we have created a DAO for folks to contribute to the relief funds.
The DAO would act as the charity organization to collect funds for the India Covid-19 Relief efforts. Here is the DAO that you can donate to “indiacovidrelief.sputnikdao.near”.
Here is a medium article which I wrote supporting this initiative: NEAR India Guild: Coming together during Covid-19 | by theblockchainchick | Apr, 2021 | Medium

Older post:
We had created a NEAR wallet “indiacovidrelief.near” where those interested in the NEAR Global community can support and share their contribution.
At this moment, the wallet account has been created by me, and therefore, I hold the full access keys to the wallet. Is there a way to make it multisig so that more of my guild members would be required to sign while withdrawing the funds? Having a MultiSig wallet generally assures the public that we are being more transparent.
If there are any other suggestions on how to do this, would be happy to chat with folks :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the initiative on this, @gyan0890. For anyone reading this, here’s more context: https://twitter.com/sandeepnailwal/status/1385968552679727113

We have this multi sig tool: Multisig Tool

Will check around and see if others have used it and maybe set up a call to get a better idea on how we can use it.


Sounds like a perfect use case for sputnik.fund. Check SputnikDAO info on the Createbase site if you’re not familiar. Let us know if it works or how/why it doesn’t.

Echoing Shreyas in thanks for taking initiative! :pray:


Please let us know as soon as your dao or multisig is up so we can donate :pray:


I request all guild leaders to take the lead in this initiative


Hello, our DAO is up at indiacovidrelief.sputnikdao.near . Do connect with me if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

You can check it out here: SputnikDAO


What a great initiative!


Hi Caro, would appreciate your help in sharing this around. Or any ideas on how we can how we can get this across to more people.

Hi folks! A quick update on this. We have got overwhelming response from the various NEAR communities across the globe and we are really thankful to the entire community for the support and love :). We would be creating a proposal to transfer the funds to a gnosis-safe multisig ERC-20 wallet address using the NEAR-ETH Rainbow Bridge.
Will share more details of the transaction here.


I agree with this opinion

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40NEAR, a donation from the Berryclub Chinese community.sent to indiacovidrelief.sputnikdao.near


Hey, guys @gyan0890 @shreyas we have still some funds in the Covid relief fund DAO, I guess we should use them right now as of the third wave running in India.

Please feel free to give your thoughts :heart:

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Thanks for following up on this, @jiten123321. Yes, agreed. @gyan0890 let me know when you have the bandwidth to transfer funds and I’d be happy to vote it through or help in whatever way I can.