[Closed] Culinary DAO's Marketing Activities Funding Request

Request For Funds For Culinary DAO’s Marketing Activities

  • Culinary DAO

Funding scheme: Monthly

Initiative Summary

Culinary DAO is about creating a synergy between Near and all things Culinary, such as onboarding of Culinary related professionals, creating of unique NFTs, creating food contents and hosting of food shows on Nearhub, creating values for our Culinary related NFTs, embarking on Culinary related intiatives.

In the past few months of starting Culinary DAO, we have taken to reaching Culinary establishments for the purpose of onboarding and partnership. The purpose of onboarding is so they can become a part of the Near Ecosystem, launch their projects on Near, create and mint unique NFTS, and encourage the use of Near tokens as a medium of exchange in their establishments. But so far, we have often been asked for legal proof. And so we are proposing to create our own website, do our legal Registration, produce business cards that will have Culinary DAO’s contact informations, and create official ID cards. And also customise shirts that will carry the Near logo and Culinary DAO’s logo for the purpose of continuous adverts.

The website we are creating will have the following features

  • Educative articles about Near and happenings within the Ecosystem
    *Links to Near.org and gov.near.org
    *Links to opening wallets
    *Culinary related contents
  • A chat feature for interaction and attending to people’s questions about Near.
    *E-commerce store where people can trade using Near tokens and NFTS.

Proposed Name: www.theculinarydao.com
Proposed Registered Name: TheCulinary DAO

Expected impact and value for the NEAR ecosystem/community

Creating a synergy between Near and Culinary

Onboarding of many Culinary related professionals such as: food scientists, cooks, chefs, Hotel managers all from all over the world etc.

Creating use-cases for Near tokens by using it as a medium of exchange

Providing education and guidance for potential Nearcomers

Creating more opportunities within the Ecosystem

A platform for interacting

Creating use-cases for AstroDAO, Mintbase, Paras, Nearhub, Moonpay, Nearpay, Refinance, Neardrop etc through our activities

Metrics for measuring success
Completion of our website
Proof of official registration
3 ID cards
Official business cards
Production of Near Culinary branded shirts

Estimated timeline
7 weeks

Funding Details

Website $500
Legal Registration $200
ID Cards (3) $30
Official business cards $500
Logistics $50
Customised shirts $50

Total requested amount

NEAR Wallet



Tagging @marketingdao-council
Thanks in advance

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Hi @FabDab – Thanks for the proposal. Do you have any metrics or details around how your activities have onboarded newcomers to the NEAR ecosystem? If so, can you share how many people onboarded or wallets opened?

Can you explain how this project will lead to new users actively using NEAR wallets? How will they exchange currency and for what purpose?


Thank you @so608
We have had just two activities: an interview with a Dietician

The Dietician interviewed was onboarded.

We also had an edition of Food And Drinks Tourism and we onboarded 15 Nearcomers.

We have 13 on-chain members

63 followers on Instagram

18 subscribers on YouTube

44 members on Telegram.

Our attempt at a food challenge, got over 400 views

The need for this proposal arose due to the response we got when we tried to reach out to Culinary firms (such as catering schools, restaurants, Culinary wares traders, food Scientists, Dieticians, food lovers etc) for the purpose of onboarding them to build on Near. They wanted a proof that we were legal.

Our goal is to onboard Culinary professionals who will adopt NFTs and Near tokens as a medium of discharging their services, and since their customers will be encouraged to open wallets to purchase the NFTs, we will have no less than 50 wallets opened per firm. Our onboarding goal is a worldwide mission. We already have contacts in Nigeria, Canada, Turkey, and Philippines.

Trading on our e-commerce store will be accessed only using NFTs and Near tokens.

There will be instructional materials on how to create Near wallets on the site. A link to creating Near wallets will also be on the site.

People who are attracted to the website for the purpose of trading will find educational materials about Near on the site.

We will also provide a guild on how they can get Near tokens using Nearpay, Moonpay, UTORG, FTX US, Rainbow Bridge, Binance etc.

They will need their wallets to purchase NFTS that are linked to real life Culinary goods and services. They will also need it to trade on our e-commerce store.

Culinary is a pivotal aspect of human life. Creating a synergy between Near and Culinary will be awesome. Near has been well represented by other aspects of human endeavours.

The goal of the project is to create more use cases for Near through Culinary activities.

Meals will be minted as NFTs by restaurant owners, and people who purchased the NFTS will guy the real food. This NFTs will be listed on our website.

Our e-commerce store will feature Culinary services such, as booking an appointment with a Dietician, sells of food and food products, Near merchandise, kitchen utensils and equipments etc. This are products that people essentially buy in their daily transactions.

It will also provide an interactive platform for food lovers and Culinary related practitioners using web 3 solutions.

We have plans to have our space on Nearhub, they can always use it for their shows…

Also create more awareness and onboarding of talents who will build on Near.

Hi @FabDab thanks for your proposal.

I like the idea behind what you are proposing but it seems that the funding requested is to overcome some local hurdles. Could you share which country you are looking to launch?


Thanks @cryptocredit

While we will be launching from Nigeria, the Culinary DAO has members from various countries around the world and we have begun the process of re-adapting initiatives (as necessary), customising them to fit other locales and expanding our reach.

The registration is local, but the intiatives are designed to be adaptable internationally. The website aims to be more than a repository; it will serve as a platform to unify our culinary endeavours globally.

While this is an interesting way of generating interest in cooking, it’s not clear to me how this will turn into a viable model that drives new wallets and ecosystem growth overall for Near protocol. It’s a no from me.

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Hello @Klint.

Our projects are specifically tailored to create products best accessed through the use of Near tokens/wallets.

An example is the e-commerce store where Near tokens are the prime means of payment.

Our website will be equipped with NearDrop links that facilitate easy opening of wallets.

As a matter of fact, we were able to open over 15 wallets and onboard 16 new members into the ecosystem, bringing our AstroDAO on-chain membership to 13.

When our Mintbase store and website go live, you will be able to purchase NFT recipes, and NFTs redeemable for real meals, goods and services.

Culinary DAO is poised to pioneer synergistic solutions for Web 3, food, drinks and art.

Please, reconsider.

Thank you, @Klint
@so608 @cryptocredit @satojandro @Dacha

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Hi @FabDab – thanks for answering my question. I know you are an active member of the Community and super passionate about culinary arts and how they can affect communities positively. I think that is a great mission, but I can’t support this proposal. Here’s why:

  • We are in a climate where there is a great need for us to be able to show direct connection between activities and specific KPIs that are increasing users in the NEAR ecosystem, not just social media followings of individuals or projects. There’s just not enough traction or evidence of that happening here for me to support it at this stage.
  • There seems to be some local friction or issue around product-market fit that gives me pause. I think the hesitancy to collaborating should be taken as a sign that there is a barrier to entry here that may need to be addressed before marketing funding should be allocated to the project. I do not view payment for normal business costs such as licenses, registration, etc. as appropriate for the MarketingDAO to cover using Community funds. Doing so would open up a huge issue for us in that we could then be reasonably asked by entities around the world to cover similar situations, which we really do not have the ability to adequately assess or understand given the breadth and complexity of how different regions handle business licensing, taxation and regulations.
  • The ecommerce aspect of this project also gives me pause. I do think the idea of selling NFT recipes is interesting, but the layer of ecommerce and goods as part of this makes the project a bit confusing to me and I think detracts from the premise that it is a global initiative.

In any case, I do encourage you to keep building and maintaining your motivation around NEAR. I just don’t think this project is the right fit for the MarketingDAO.

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Thanks for your proposal,

Is this the same culinary DAO as - [APPROVED] Culinary DAO Funding For The Month Of April, 2022 ?

If so, I note that this project has received extensive funding since April and has since been cut off from funding from Creatives DAO as it has missed every milestone.

Additionally, I also note that there is very little connection between the nature of this proposal and the Core Areas of Growth of the NEAR ecosystem.

I do not support this proposal.

@cryptocredit @so608 @Klint @Dacha @David_NEAR, I’d love that you take some time to attend to the issues I’m about to raise concerning @satojandro

The above quote from @satojandro is an impossible gryphon of contradictions that contains false accusations spun, I believe, with malicious intent.

First, he ‘notes’ that

Contextually, the word “extensive” here implies either that the project received huge funds (reference), or has been funded for a long time, or both.

This is false on all counts.

This was Culinary DAO’s first and only approved proposal. It was the month of April, 2022; total approved funds being $2000.

By what standard is a 2000 dollar one-time funding for Culinary DAO extensive as @satojandro states?

Surely it is not for lack of proper documentation that he has made the above false accusations. It is, rather, in spite of it; because he shared the link to Culinary DAO’s one and only approved proposal.

@satojandro claims the impossible by saying that the project which has been extensively funded since April

How can these two contradictory statements be true at the same time?

More offensive is his claim that Culinary DAO was cut off from funding because it missed every milestone.

This could not be further from the truth. For one, the proposal did not categorically set any milestones. Hence, it could not have “missed every milestone”. Once again, his accusation is false.

Report 1
Report 2

I think these issues raise significant questions as to the motivations and intentions behind @satojandro’s submissions and contributions on my proposals and God knows who else’s.

I would also like to let everyone know that this isn’t the first time he’s attempting to malign my person and work by presenting misleading information.

I completely resent this witch-hunt and bullying and demand that @satojandro recant these false claims and apologise for maligning my person and integrity.

This space must be made safe for every gender and race to build and grow without fear or bias.

@illia @shreyas

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There is nothing in this thread related to gender or race. Refrain from building straw-man arguments and throwing accusations like this around, please.

Currenty, I don’t see this proposal adding enough value to the ecosystem in its current form to warrant any level of funding, never mind $2,000.

$500 for business cards?! This alone is a huge red flag. On no planet does it cost $500 to print business cards. Why the need for business cards anyway?

Flags like these are picked up by the MarketingDAO Council and the wider community and hinder any proposal.

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Accusations like what, @David_NEAR?

It is disturbing that rather than address the obvious false accusations @satojandro has made, you turn around to accuse me of throwing around accusations. It is you who is building a straw man argument based on your assumption that the assertion that

is an accusation when it clearly isn’t. It is a plea, a request from me and should be an objective for you and NF.

I stated how that he called a one-time funding of 2000 dollars “extensive”, saying that the project had been getting funding since April. Both claims are untrue! You refrain from addressing this. Instead, you turn around to accuse me of some misdemeanour. I also stated that this isn’t the first time he’s falsely accused me

You ignore this, and instead turn around to accuse me.

This is just sad! To what proposal do you refer here? I have asked $880 to create a website, legal registration, IDs, business cards and customised shirts. These are promotional and marketing tools, the actual initiative isn’t included in the proposal I have submitted here. And the DAO was indeed funded in April ($2000) and through the activities proposed, we were able to reach more than 100, onboarding and opening wallets for 16 of them! No matter how you look at it, that is some value for the ecosystem. Many projects have been funded much more that have had far less reach and impact. How do you define value, pray tell?

Of course it’s a huge red flag. But if you had paid proper attention to the proposal, instead of looking for red flags, you’d have instantly noticed that it was a typo. I meant to write $50. The total would have been well over 880 dollars had I actually meant 500 dollars to be the cost of making business cards. It is a huge red flag that although I asked (by mistake) for $500 for business cards, none of those who reviewed the proposal saw it. The only person who saw it was the one would use it as a weapon to discredit me.

Now, this is a huge red flag.

Even in 2022, business cards are still a must-have in many climes as a strategic traditional marketing and networking tool.

*It remains largely an efficient networking tool, especially face-to-face networking and communication.

*The most important details of one’s business can easily and efficiently be presented on a small card.

*Business cards add a sublime touch of professionalism and preparedness to business transactions.

*Phones may be dead or unavailable, laptops dead or unavailable, etc. but with a business card, you can exchange business details very easily notwithstanding.

*Many cultures still hold business cards in high regard and its exchange is quite a big deal.

There’s absolutely no doubt that business cards are a veritable traditional marketing tool. They’re so effective that digital business cards are a thing - a spin-off of the real deal.

I am quite surprised that a marketing guru such as yourself would ask this question at all, especially since you judged Culinary DAO’s proposal to be valueless and undeserving of a cent of funding.

The Culinary DAO seeks to initiate professional liaisons and collaborations with Culinary establishments create value for the ecosystem sustainability that will ensure that rather than take from the community perpetually, we can give back and be a beacon for others trying to build end-user friendly use cases for Near Protocol and Web 3 in general.

I urge you to objectively address the issue raised.

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& the below implies that this thread has somehow been hostile to gender or race?

My bad!

I don’t see an issue here. The proposal is closed. Any funding for this proposal in its current form is, IMO, excessive. I don’t see the value add here.

It seems more like something which NEAR has been forced into to receive funding, rather than something aligned with the ecosystem.

I just don’t see the value of a culinaryDAO in the form it’s in.

All the best, and best of luck for the future! :beers:

I know that the proposal is closed. I didn’t call you here to reopen it.

I’m drawing attention to AVB’s lies and accusations. Till now, after two replies from you, you have refused to address the blatant maligning.

@satojandro said that:

  1. The Culinary DAO has received extensive funding since April.

This is patently false. This is the 3rd time I am calling your attention to it, yet you have said nothing about it.

  1. He further claimed that Culinary DAO was “cut off” from funding because we missed every milestone.

I have shown this to be false

You can check the original proposal above.

Again, he lied. And yet again, you (and nobody else) have said nothing. It’s almost as though he can say pretty much anything he likes.

More scary is the fact that I although I claimed that this isn’t the first time Satojandro’s making false claims with the intention to discredit and malign me, you have not deigned to investigate.

It must be intentional… your conflating dissimilar issues. The proposal is closed, no problem - I have gotten that a lot these past months… One kind of gets used to it. The issue I have raised however, is completely different. I have taken pains to highlight them as succinctly as possible, but miraculously, you have cherry-picked less relevant themes to distract from the actual issues raised - malignant lies tantamount to bullying and witch-hunting.

Please, ask @satojandro to show proof that Culinary DAO has been extensively funded since April and that we were cut off from funding because we missed every milestone.

@David_NEAR @so608 @shreyas

All funding to Marketing DAO (and all other community verticals) has been put on pause as the NF is now demanding to see where the value has been generated to decide how funding will operate going forward.

I am not going to argue over choice of words or semantics or be bullied into revising the decision which has been consistent for months.

As we begin the process to justify the grants approved over the last few months and the value they have generated, I stand proud by my decision not to support this initiative.

Entitlement and complacency is what has led to the current pausing of funding.

P.S - the meaning of extensive funding applies to all the proposals you have been approved as well as all the ones you were seeking funding for that got rejected ($68k - [Declined] Starting a Flow Near Treats and Drinks, NEAR Books, and many more across Marketing and Creatives).


I think a mountain has been made out of a molehill.

There is no issue here, and no violation of community guidelines.

Let’s not boil ourselves down into valueless discussions about semantics, let’s keep building instead.


Are you serious?

No issue with him lying about how many times Culinary DAO has been funded? No issue with him saying we were cut off from funding because we missed every milestone?

How can you say that? How can you be so dismissive?

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Yes. I think this whole ‘issue’ has been over complicated. I wouldn’t read too much into the choice of words.

I’ll consider this matter closed from a moderator POV.

That said, we should all endeavour to choose our words carefully - though I think, in this case, it’s boiling down to semantics.

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