[December 2021] CURA Dao project opportunity: help us with community management

Hi Sandboxers,

Winter is coming, and new opportunities are coming with it :fire:

We started the collaboration with CURA Dao. Cura aims to be a mature design-driven set of tools to launch and serve creative code projects within the NEAR ecosystem. The four parts of the project are CLI, contracts, React hooks, and components. The objective is to unlock experimentation on the front-end side and have solid customizable smart contracts on the back with the mid to long-term deliverables of having projects flourish on top of these tools and give back with open-source maintenance and community involvement.


The focus is to find clever and fun ways to spread the word about what we’re building and work with our great designer Lucía in creating content for our social presence and branding.

Manage and grow our small community by finding new members interesting in Creative Coding while organizing artists and collectors outreach; as well as exploring and securing possible partnerships. Suggest and execute campaigns and activities to activate current members and find new ones.

You will also be working and researching ways to use our curaDAO funds to support the Creative Coding movement within the NEAR ecosystem.


  • An interest or knowledge around Creative Coding and Generative Art.
  • Being able to create engaging conversations on our social platforms.
  • A lot of curiosity about what’s happening in the Creators Economy ecosystem.
  • A hustle and grow mentality.
  • Taking ownership of projects.

The approx workload is 10 hours per week, with a possible increase in the next months.

We are looking for a person with the skills:

  • Excellent English verbal and written communication
  • Experience in TG and Twitter management
  • Basic knowledge of blockchain and NEAR ecosystem

You can check all the details by the link Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

500 USD

Deadline for the call
10th December

DM me and share your experience to schedule an interview and learn more about the opportunity


Hey Ana. Hope you are doing good. I’m interested for the above post. Can you please check your DM.

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HI admin. I am actively interested in this … how can we speak more.

HI Ana would really love to talk about this.

Hi, thank you, we already find a candidate
Hope see you soon on the other projects :wink:

I would like to say thank you to collaborators in February
@zubairansari07 (zubairansari.near) -500 USD
@kc_sollano (kcpesce.near)- 500 USD
PLease use this link on Astro DAO, there is no need to create separate post anymore


Thanks For The Guide Ana :blush:, We can create transfer proposal on AstroDAO now or after 25th?

Thank you so much, Ana!

I think we can create before 28/02

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Yes, exactly :slight_smile:

Thank you