Crypto Networking Near Meetup - Odessa Ukraine

My name is Andrii Lytvynenko. I am 27 and I live in Southern capital of Ukraine – Odessa. I have been a professional poker player. I have been studying marketing and recently I have started to work with enterprise. I have an experience of involving people into different sport events, activities, fairs and etc.

Odessa is famous for its hospitality and sense of humor. Moreover, we have a lot of IT-specialists, that like creating products for a Global market.

I became a holder and a fan of Near after your live Meetup in Kiev.

It was a surprising coincidence, that as soon as I managed to rent a conference room for 280 people in Odessa and gave technical task for developing NFT like tickets, the next day I saw a message in TG NEAR RU ANNOUNCMENT about your interest in collaborating and working with people, who will build NEAR community IRL.

My main goal for this event is to collaborate all my friends in this industry, meet new people, share knowledge and make an emphasis, first of all, on the active networking between participants, in the result of which people can become partners.

I am going to have 8 speakers from Crypto industry and IT area. The accent will be on possibilities of developing in Near the ecosystem and company Double Top.

Planning Event – Crypto Networking

Agenda Template

  • Date - 05.03.2021 (in the process of approval)
  • 280 people – 260 tickets/ 12 invite/ 8 speakers
  • Ukraine, Odessa – Premier Hotel 5*

14:30 – 22:00

  • 14:00 – 14:30 welcome cofee
  • 14:30 - 18:30 4 speakers – 30 minutes + 10 minutes questions
  • 18:30 – 19:30 Festive buffet
  • 19:30 - 21:30 4 speakers - 30 minutes and activities from partners.
  • 19:00 festive buffet and activities for productive networking in the community
  • Topic - Blockchain development and integration / Earning opportunities for investors/ Web 3.0/ Prospect for the IT industry/ The importance of Networking to improve Market Understanding

Speakers - @gnat777 – CEO Doubpe Top. Top 1 influencer Ru speak region.
Alex Shevchenko – CEO Aurora
Eugene LOZA - CEO
Adamova Elena - speaker, coach, networking maker, associate professor at the university

4 speakers – coming soon

  • To build connections and rapid exchange of information within the community.
  • To organize a pleasant and rewarding vacation that the participants will want to repeat.
  • To show perspectives for WEB 3.0 for the IT industry.
  • Relevant Links


Odessa region is safe to host an event according to the latest COVID statistics, but the vaccination certificate or negative Covid test are needed in order to visit this event.



  • Hotel conference room (good for large events)

  • 280 people – 255 tickets/5tickets free contest for social media/ 12 invite/ 8 speakers

  • 14:00 – 22:00

The approximate date event is 03/05/2022 – subject to change

  • Rent conference room - $900

  • Coffee break - ~$1300

  • Festive buffet - ~$7000

  • After party for speakers and VIP tickets – 2000$

  • Rent hotel room for 8 speakers – 800$

  • Transfer for speakers - $1600

  • Promotion for the events - $300-3000$

  • DJ – 500$

  • Optional equipment – 300-1000$

  • Full estimated costs $14500 - $17500
    ** Costs may change


Tickets sale

  • First wave nft tickets – 50x50$

  • Two wave nft tickets – 90x90$

  • Three wave nft tickets – 110x110$

  • VIP tickets after interview – 5x500$
    prices are pending approval.

What do I need to do in order to get informational support from NEAR and a grant that will cover a part of the costs? I am ready to brand the event, as I am very loyal to the ecosystem and I want NEAR to move forward. In case of a successful event, I would be happy to consider the possibility of further cooperation and the regular organization of NearMeetUp in Odessa.

I also would like to know if people from your team could help with placing NFT tickets on Binance? I am attaching the first layouts that can be improved.


Thanks for this exciting proposal! Seems like a great opportunity, and I’m curious to delve into your metrics of success. I’d expect you will share a report following a great experience March 5, and I would like to help build on the momentum.

Let’s talk more about this:

What is the ideal next local event you could announce at your meetup? Who is your audience? What do they want to learn? What goals does your community have? How might we support?


The way I see the next perfect event for developers and creatives is mean to me to meet them with the Near Ecosystem and development opportunities within it.
We would like to hold it a month after the first big event.

Our audience is people who are already in the cryptocurrency market and understand that they are here for a long time. Crypto enthusiasts, creative people who want to learn about the possibility of realizing their potential through Play to Earn and NFT, holder businessmen.

That will unite the people:

  • open mind
  • desire to create new
  • desire to benefit other

We still have 4 places for speakers. And I would like to see a speaker from Near that would help our audience fall in love with your Ecosystem!
We would also like to offer Near the role of the main sponsor.
We can offer - branding of the event and posters in social networks. Merch NEAR for the host of the event, competitions for participants.
If Near has suggestions for activities, we can listen to them.

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Good morning. Do you know about Near Ukrainian HUB? I think the best way is contact directly with these guys about all kind of events.

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We have prepared the organization of the event and launched the sale of tickets.

At the moment we have already sold 125 out of 245 tickets.
Near is the first sponsor I turn to for support.
First of all, because of personal sympathy and faith in the project.
I would like to get an answer - is it interesting for NEAR?
After all, you have declared support for meet-ups, but local communication is difficult.
I specifically left 2 seats for 2 secret guests to perform. I hope one of them will be the speaker from Near.

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Hey @Hyperact1ion
It seems like you had a great event! We’d love to see a NEAR Meet chapter in Odessa Ukraine soon. You can learn more about NEAR Meet here: NEAR Meet | NEAR Wiki

@pransh and I would love to connect with you and help you host more exciting events!

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Yeah! Looks like Odessa can use some NEAR hyper action :wink: :100: