Creatives’ Individual representation of Constitution of NDC

Hello Fellow Creatives!

We are at a pivotal moment in the history of NEAR. For those who do not know, a collective called NDC - Near Digital Collective is being formed to put values established by NEAR into actionable tasks and hence, achieving the goals that will be collectively decided for this vision to be met.

Few things are missing right now.

A constitution that has every member’s voice.

A governance framework derived out of the collective voice.

An executive committee, who will be executing tasks decided by the larger community.

But as of now, your voice is needed to shape the Constitution for NDC - An experiment that could be the future of NEAR.

Constitution as a word could be overwhelming and intimidating to engage with, however what it simply means, is the values you want a new nation or a system to be built on.

It’s poetry of what the future means to you, its a vision of what you believe to be right, fair and a better world. It’s an expression of what the change should look like.

This constitution is going to be fundamental to how we see and move forward collectively hence it becomes our responsibility to come out as creatives and take charge in representing “what the constitution means to you personally” so your voice can shape the future.

NEAR’s Value

We are all creatives here. Let’s create and share an artwork that represents what the constitution individually means to you and how you want the future to look like.

There should be no cap on the expression of the values you believe in and how you want to express them.

You can use text, video, audio, photograph, mixed media any form that you feel is right to express your views.

Once you have created an art piece, please share the link of the art work in the comments directly and just add 3 words that represent the values you want the Constitution to be built on. For example Decentralised, fair, communal. Anything that you stand for.

  • 3 words shared by individuals will help create a collage image representing the communities’ voice.

  • This image will be minted as an NFT on mintbase to raise awareness about the constitution and NDC.

  • A store on mintbase and a DAO on Astro will be opened with all participants being added as contributors.

  • The NFT will be held in the Mintbase account by the multi-sig astro wallet being the owner with no councils. Only members.

We will close this by Wednesday 28rd September. All the words will be put on a sheet to represent the collective voice of the community. The values creatives want the NDC to have.

I urge us all to come together in this historic moment and share your version of the ‘Future NEAR’ and let your individual expression help define the collective vision and direction of the future!

Be the change you want to see!


This is super! And, with people providing three words we may even build the Manifesto from that!

Rising DAO will still put a request out to the entire community for 1-4 sentences, though it’s the collection of ideas and voices that matter.

I hope we all dive in and provide ideas, images, and language. Thanks @Cryptonaut


I think it is a good to start building together what do we think about values, and what is important to the creative’s community in this ecosystem.
I will give my 3 words:

  • interculturality - as we are people from different parts of the world, interculturality is fundamental to understand our different contexts, and also to create a kind of permeability between us, an opened ear so we can be able to listen to each other through different perspectives
  • diversity - maybe this word doesn’t need much explanation, and of course it is linked to the first word. Anyway, I will write a little about it - how important is to preserve diversity as an important human value - do we want to be the same? I don’t think so - diversity makes us grow as humans, it moves us from where we are, and points to a more interesting and human ecosystem, it points towards a love ambience - and love as a kind of living where people can preserve their identities (just to resume)
  • decoloniality - this is for me the most important word, that connects all the others; as we come from different places, and have different stories, we need to understand the importance to think the world we are living, upon decolonial patches. It is fundamental to understand diversity and interculturality - and so inclusion, community, and other important values that comes inside these 3

so, these are my contributions
thank you for the space


I am in process creating the art piece, soon will share here


Thanks @ritamaria @sarahkornfeld !

I would like to state my 3 priorities that i wish to see more around on the discussions, as a Regular community member of Near Creatives Ecosystem

  • Diversity - principle of a healthy natural ecosystem
  • WomenOnWeb3 - to rise the voices that needs to be heard
  • Sustainability - to most probable outcome to work in cooperation/rather than competition.

Soundcheck #0001 - blua piano solo - eat cha com bolo i . 30th April 2022 by blua_discordia | TAMAGO :

And some soundtrack for those who do nothing


@Cryptonaut – This is how I saw your question and 3-word answer.

Where We Rise

Art Always Connects

Collaboration As Superpower

Networks Of Creation

People Come First

Time is NEAR



(Sound of Crickets)

Report please. And why $2000 if approved $1200?

If you contacted with all creative members (global research), why did you choose your Rising DAO council project to promote? Diversity?

Why the designer is your dao member who voted for Rising DAO proposal?

additional $75 for that?

Where is $75 in budget?

Why did you pay yourself $2000 if in a budget $1200?

With Pleasure!

Metrics accomplished:

  1. 15-page piece with 5 people across 3 DAOs – #1 for 5 profiles in 2022 that we hope to do) – Launches in October (#1 portrait is Lagos)
  2. Cultivated relationship with designers in the region for this piece (paid him for 1/2 of work) – he is creating the layout and THAT will be the NFT – so the design is that $500 in budget.
  3. NFT strategies for Portrait and NFT Film concepts developed – will share these ideas with the community to inform deeper thinking about how to collaborate.
  4. Identified great talent in Reespect (Just met her last month) and brought her into council (because she has the skills for our needs and trust her)
  5. Brought Reespect on to develop PR and Marketing plan (with me) to for pre-announcement, launch, and post-launch of “Portrait of the Artists” #1 Lagos – the key to this is identifying and working with marketing DAOs OUTSIDE creatives to ensure we are able to collaborate with our content
  6. Research and explore the next profile – this may be Brazil to share on the ground/field research reL how artists are informing education – this focuses on creative innovation and content FOR educators with the goal of onboarding them for new content for collaborations
  7. 10-page Slide deck in process for the growth of Rising DAO – needed to engage (because we’re new here) to ensure we understood the goals of the platform, the people, and the governance movement
  8. Currently developing MEDIA project where we explore (globally, over the next year) ways to document how lives of artists, communities, and technology itself are emerging to reshape cultures because of 1.) the power of the blockchain and NEAR 2.) how onboarding of artists is changing their lives 3.) how NEAR is the leader in this space.

Big picture - we want to grow the Members to be researchers, writers, and media makers in the DAO. We are NOT rushing because we need a level of experience to execute this – but we are getting to know wonderful people.

Why you feel I knew anyone outside of 1 person in the Kin DAO is beyond me. I have been working in my space a LONG time and know talent when I see it. So, it’s been easy to see that Reespect has talent and brings a lot for this specific project – about Lagos, and her ability to think strategically about marketing and PR is a natural gift. So, I don’t see the issue.

Finally, Rising DAO is legally registered under our LLC which is from Rising Partners. Rising Partners is a consulting agency for the Creative Economy. We have a church and state model, where our work within NEAR focuses only on what the needs are for the blockchain, and with those on the blockchain. The company deals IRL with cultural institutions and technology companies that want to engage with or strengthen their understanding of creators, creatives and artists.

Reespect for help with final review of 15-page piece
Reepsect for plan for PR / Marketing
2000 for set up and all the work to develop the DAO
1200 is directly FROM the creatives DAO fund – that’s the exact number

Question – are you an expert in Content and Marketing? Do you understand the value of our time?

@reespect @Dedeukwu @Cryptonaut @creativesdao-council

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Dude. WHO ARE YOU???

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So, as I said:

  • The NFT is launching next month. So, please be patient, glad you are excited.
  • Yes, diverse people are working together: diverse ideas, locations, and experiences. Glad you agree.
  • Newsletter is in process. You are excited, great.

So, questions for you:

Do you have ANY experience in content, media and marketing? Do you know what our time in this space is worth? Do you know the power of storytelling and brand?

Thank you


We didn’t ask you came in our community with your “worth time”. Near is community for enthusiasts, not for people who came to get money here. If you want to help us, do it for free or continue serve for web2 companies.

Great choose of the artist who have nothing mutual with near

You are going in circles. I don’t find it useful to engage with you. Have a good day.



decolonial while we are building new NEARverse
trans as a prefix for the life and actions
inclusive because different contexts

The best resolution gif



Who Are We/Us ??

NEAR Community Culture

The culture of the NEAR Community is one of openness , inclusiveness , and positivity .


Just after listening back on yesterday’s community call and wanted to add in some words that come to mind when ideating some sort of tagline, plus some AI-generated art using those words to initiate some potential visuals to go with it:
Diversity, Collaboration, Creativity, Innovation.


Hello @Naboto ,
This post was created for a purpose.

I’m flagging your respones as it’s completely irrelevant to the exchange happening here.

If you have a concern that you wanna address, please create a fresh post and discuss your issues there.
If you wanna participate, please share your artwork or three words that you stand for.


Like that?


That is so cool!!

Thanks for sharing your voice @ted.iv !!