[UNDER REVIEW BY COMMUNITY ] Childrens of The DAO Budget July 2022


Hello Community! @creativesdao-council @adrianseneca Those are the July activities we Planned!

Our reports:

June Report #1

June Report #2

JuneReport #3

:white_small_square:And New Projects:

Paint and Share Fauna

Budget Asked: 1000usd


[PROPOSAL] Come Together - Chega Mais

Budget Asked: 550usd


Analogue Collage & Digital Ones

Budget Asked: 700usd


How to Create a Character - Video Tutorial

Budget Asked: 1250usd


Total Budget Asked 3500 + 1500 councils reward = 5000usd

KYC responsible : cavenaghi.near

Budget Asked: 700usd

Thank you for your attention and support always. Any doubts please reach me.
@ted.iv @creativesdao-council @FritzWorm @adrianseneca

Children of The DAO council members:




Hi there @whoiscavenaghi, thank you for the proposal.

Would you mind revising your proposal according to the updated guidelines here? Thank you!

Besides, do you have any plan to growing your DAO members? as the operation is now centralized into just 1 committee who hold 100% voting power here!

Also, could you please link the report of June? Thank you!


Hello @williamx ! Welcome :relaxed: About the AstroDao I tried again to resolve this problem… I am awaiting the others councils to vote! There’s some delay in it! Yes we intend to grow the DAO with a regular group of educators! We are just solidifying our structures!
You can check the proposals there in the AstroDao… isn’t working… maybe it’s a problem of UI.

  • The links reports are being attached in the main topic - all projects are still in progress as the creatives approved our budget in the end of the month! You can have access to the classes and Wip. Just let me know.

Thank you very much for the orientation.

There is some issue with AstroDao. Even spiritual DAO was facing issues.

Strangely we got come 0.02 near added to the account.

Some issues are good :smile:


Hey guys,

Can’t see the report for the month of June.

@Cryptonaut about the report! It’s been a impossible mission create and implement such complex projects In less than 15 days. Our projects are in progress as I said.

Hey Carolina,

It will be a problem to fund without reports as it is essential for the mods to see it to get an idea of the progress.


Sure! Tomorrow I will provide after the workshop! @Akira @Natashacremonese

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Good morning, of course, I will finish my report. We had some unforeseen events.

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@Cryptonaut @creativesdao-council @ted.iv @williamx hello! The reports are attached. Jung reinforcing that the projects are still in course. We had less than 17 days to make it happen… thank you for the attention always


Hi @whoiscavenaghi, thank you for the proposal.

After going through your proposal, reading responses & reports, moderators have voted and decided that unfortunately it is not sufficient enough for approval. Here are some thoughts:

  • Organize reports in a monthly reports with metrics reflection before the next round of proposal.
  • Focus on building community activities. Budget asked is being used for proposers to produce products with hardly tracked traction.

We invite you to fully update the reports & apply for the next round of April. You still can propose for Creatives DAO councils for their reviewing. Thank you so much.


Ola William - o DAO faz materiais e produz aulas pra a comunidade e segue as guidelines pedidas. Você fez um primeiro questionamento - foi clarificado. Depois os questionamentos da @adrianseneca tbm. Gostaria de saber quais guidelines não foram cumpridas para a não aprovação - levando em consideração que a função dos moderadores é ver se a proposta se encaixa.

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Hi @williamx, these were the reports I made from previous projects.
April report
May report
June report [in progress]

Do you think they need to be updated individually or should we do a DAO report listing all the projects together?
And if they need to be updated, what do you think I should add to them?

When you say that we are producing products with hardly tracked traction, can you explain it better? What are the difficulties you see and how could we improve this?

Your answers will be very valuable. Thanks.


Hello @williamx as the proposal is under review of the creatives councils I will change the closed to “Under review by community”. When approved, i will edit to approved. Thank you for your patience and work.


Hi @Akira, note that report should be a collective report of the DAO following this guideline:

And also, June report is in progress, so I believe that the report of every month should be done before propose a new proposal, so the community can measure the work accordingly.


Hello Ted! … my report was in progress and wasn’t approved. So I am asking for the councils of creatives to review for us.

@ted.iv - if we have this option - it means isn’t closed… just to clarify your post in arroz criativo telegram.

Thank you and all moderators for the support.

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Hey @whoiscavenaghi , just to clarify, I posted to the whole community in the Creatives DAO telegram and other groups and will repost it here for full disclosure:

I just wanted to let the community know that the “Children of the DAO” proposal for July has not been approved by the moderators, as it does not follow the guidelines of the Creatives DAO. In my opinion, two main obstacles are in place (a) lack of reporting for last month and previous activities/funds (b) one council member on the DAO up until last week for a DAO that is in existence since March of this year. I urge everyone in the community to read through the proposal and vote accordingly, as I believe this is an interesting use case and a learning opportunity for the greater Creatives community.

I just want to say while moderators believe this DAO does add value to the ecosystem, we must look at the proposals in practical terms as per the guidelines and the two outlined reasons above are problematic.

Thank you,
Creatives DAO moderators.

here is the astrodao poll:

To clarify, “Under Review by Community” was added by a member of “Children of the DAO”, not us moderators.