Creative Public Good Airdrop by BeatDAO

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BeatDAO airdropped the 525 NEAR tokens received via Quadratic Funding to our top two groups with active wallets on-chain:

  • Plugins: 17 members
  • Donors: 58 members

See the list of all eligible wallets for the First Wave Airdrop.

Wallet Group
beatdao.near Plugins
fatokunmayowa.near Plugins
skthealternator.near Plugins
wizzow.near Plugins
crans.near Plugins
vandal.near Plugins
dellamc.near Plugins
techdir.near Plugins
ace17.near Plugins
djlethalskillz.near Plugins
tech1.near Plugins
sleezymoss.near Plugins
lehleh.near Plugins
tobyy.near Plugins
manutegus.near Plugins
web3tune.near Plugins
starpause.near Plugins
shozy.near Donors
eugene707.near Donors
aldisyahlatuihamallo.near Donors
veldhuijzen.near Donors
williamxx.near Donors
duocelot.near Donors
klarakopi.near Donors
ceciliaa12.near Donors
guaschingmachines.near Donors
romansawaktu.near Donors
hannah17.near Donors
svaradao.near Donors
palomaetienne.near Donors
oscarboss.near Donors
memedaily.near Donors
greenghost.near Donors
veganfriends.near Donors
whendacha.near Donors
seansley.near Donors Donors
zeitwarp.near Donors
berrysamba.near Donors
skyto.near Donors
kudd.near Donors
frado.near Donors
adazajecka.near Donors
pampuch.near Donors
michal134.near Donors
sebga.near Donors
ducog01.near Donors
vandao.near Donors
survivalisnear.near Donors
daorecords.near Donors
soniek.near Donors
gon_meow.near Donors
mightybull.near Donors
studenciak.near Donors
tylkoarkagdynia.near Donors
lalalaland.near Donors
j_and_c.near Donors
jargons.near Donors
wealth01.near Donors
expendableb.near Donors
geminirisingv2.near Donors
sportowiec.near Donors
gspgagda.near Donors
ziomek.near Donors
moczymorda.near Donors
inzyniers.near Donors
dzikus.near Donors
ginkadog.near Donors
gadugadu.near Donors
magdalenaguz.near Donors
przybylemdo.near Donors Donors
adrianmajchrzak.near Donors
dawidsopata.near Donors
rasmuhamad.near Donors

BeatDAO managed to bring new blood into the NEARverse to supercharge our growth. Special thanks to the Potlock and CreativesDAO!

Wanna boost creativity within the NEAR ecosystem? Got some ideas but dunno where or how to start? Join the BeatDAO and start contributing in whatever field you can or wish!
We believe this is the start of something huge. You have a choice: join us and thrive, or stay on the sidelines and watch us soar.

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