[APPROVED] Discord member NEAR wallet creation

  1. Discord member NEAR wallet creation
  2. name: Anjali Young
  3. NEAR account: Collab-land.near
  4. Timeline: ASAP
  5. Target address: Collab-land.near
  6. Total Requested Funding Amount: 150 NEAR
  7. What tasks the funds are required for: Engineering for onboarding to NEAR blockchain/wallet creation for Discord
  8. Timeline and milestones: Completed and ready to use for NEAR Hackathon next week.
  9. How tasks supports NEAR community: For use at Hackathon and beyond.

The Creatives SputnikDAO is ready for you to submit your payout proposal for this APPROVED project.


  • Please set the “target” to the near account you’d like to receive the funds.
  • please use the title of this topic as your description ([APPROVED] Discord member NEAR wallet creation)
  • Please use this topics URL as the forum link needed: [APPROVED] Discord member NEAR wallet creation
  • Please set the payout to 150 NEAR