🔴 Creation of a grant program to support creative people


Earlier this is where I started an emotional discussion about supporting creativity with the purchase of NFT.

But too many questions have arisen.

Later Profile - vlad - NEAR Forum provided an article that helped a lot in finding the right solution.

And Profile - starpause - NEAR Forum gave me the right strategy.

Let’s try through my sis. She has 10 people. @JAzure6 @bourgeois_ie @bekkerantn @grekknhnft @ResetNft @IpekMorel @be747 @lola_tighe @whoiscavenaghi @Sanj0nas assign them a payment of 150N per month. Sister 500H as a curator. (total 2000N) The grant is calculated with a simple contract. The artist wishes at least 4 unique works per month, there are no restrictions in creativity. But! this is important, if an artist uses this program, then in all created tokens he indicates 25% royalty to art.sputnikdao.near (money goes to other artists). I suggest trying one month and presenting the results at MUKACHEVO Global Hackathon.


Sister develops strategies herself and conducts her work within art.sputnikdao.near



Can your sister join the forum to share her strategy?

Will the curator and artists do any social media or writing about the artwork?

When artists are paid directly it doesn’t motivate them to advertise their work to the world. It also doesn’t train curators as collectors or encourage critique/dialog around the art. Those things can still happen but they aren’t being directly incentivized.

I think your approach is worth a try. At the same time I would like to see another guild take the approach of paying curators/critics. Will start a separate thread for that.


interestingly, we are also discussing influencers/curators in google doc below, it makes a lot of sense to have this role in marketplaces generally: Music platform - Google Docs


Hello. All these artists are from the twitter group. I choose them because they are very active in social media such as twitter, instagram, tryshowtime. I know them long time, i buy their art. They are supportive, every day tweeting, helping each other, discussing news, etc. Also we have @Moishe_NGTZilla he lives in Israel, pro manager, starting his NFT project in Twitter and insta. He wants to help me with info and hype. Azur is canadian collector/artist. Everyday in clubhouse, creating twitterspace conversations with artists, collectors and crypto people.


It seems to me that we do not underestimate the value of micro grants for creative people. It will be very interesting to see how the month of support I described above ends. We will be able to see the turnover of our artists’ tokens and the percentage of royalties in art.sputnikdao.near (the income will go to support other artists.) I am also thinking of a grant program for stores that support HEAR and will be mapped. It is also necessary to support people who are ready to hiccup and develop such places. Thus, we will explore the possibility of establishing a basic income, first for certain groups of people, and later for ever wider masses. Thus, we will strive for more and more decentralization of the HEAR token, its stability, growth in value and recognition.
I am sure that this month will show wonderful results.

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Sounds good, please make the payout proposal to SputnikDAO and let us know how things go!

If there is a telegram or twitter chat for group organization I would like to join as well. Learning experience for all.


I have placed payout

I couldn’t find this person on Twitter. I did follow the other artists you have selected via @NFTSocialClub_ and @starpause

Voted :+1:

Thank you for taking initiative!



Thank you for your help and trust, we will not let you down