[CONCLUDED] Alegria é a Origem do Universo: Uma performance no set de filmagem de Helena Ignez

Proponent: Filmes de Infiltração DAO to **Nômade Label DAO*

NEAR account for payment: filmesdeinfiltracao.sputnik-dao.near

Project Timeline: JUNE 15th / JUNE 30th

Total Budget: 500 USD

The goal of this project is to support a performance by the members of the Nômade Label in a film by the octogenarian filmmaker Helena Ignez.
This sponsorship enables us to rent the space and pay the artists, as well as to make the performance scene in the film possible. This is a very low-budget film of great importance for national cinema, which is why all the support is necessary to make it happen as well as brilliantly as possible. Some photos and sequences from the performance will be minted as NFTs, as part of the proposal also teasing our community to watch the film when it is ready.

About Helena Ignez
Brazilian actress and filmmaker who participated in the Cinema Novo, Cinema Experimental and Cinema Marginal movement during the 1960s and 70s alongside Rogério Sganzerla and Glauber Rocha. Helena has made over 40 films, and acted in the Cinema Novo in features such as O assalto ao trem pagador (1962) and O padre e a moça (1966). She created Belair together with Rogério Sganzerla, with whom she had an extensive partnership, and Julio Bressane. She is the director of several films, including Rale (2015), The Calendar Girl (2017), and Fakir (2019).
(See more about Helena Ignez’ Biography).

About the performers:
Thais de Almeida Prado permeates the interdisciplinary boundaries between the visual arts, cinema, theater, dance, working many times in collaboration with other artists.
Blua Discórdia: TRANSdiciplinary artist from brazil, Meta-diva of @nomadeagenda, Songstress, chef, noiser and anti-scholarships networks.

About Estúdio Lâmina
Inaugurated in November 2011 as a gallery-house, creation studio and artistic residence, Lâmina was created with the proposal of being an independent cultural space to stimulate research in arts and promote the work of new artists in the contemporary scene.

Budget: 500 USD
Thais de Almeida Prado: 100 USD
Blua Discórdia: 100 USD

Lâmina: 100 USD

Making Of, NFTs, Extras for the scene, food, collaborators: 200 USD

Proposal by Filmes de Infiltração DAO in partnership with Nômade Label DAO

Filmes de Infiltração DAO has the main objective to give light and focus to cinematographic works, which have so much difficulty in being made, because the film industry ends up running over many authorial projects in favor of projects with a label or a trademark. The idea here is to focus on one project at a time, so that we can raise the money to carry out the projects honestly and successfully.

Filmes de Infiltração
twitter: @de_infiltracao | Filmes de Infiltração

Greetings to the community
keeping our joy the proof of nine and nursing it with love.


que lindo ver essa proposta de parceria entre DAOs!


Wow, I want so much to see this happening!!! :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:


Last June 15th we made this amazing meeting between performance, cinema and meta-verse.
It was amazing and soon I’ll update all the informations here and the budget distribution.

Just passing to thank all the people that participated on this moment.
The FORUM users

@blusw as Blua Discordia
@thaisampr as Ana Brasil

@Dazo with the making of and audience for the scene
@ritamaria production assistent and audience for the scene
@gabrielfelipejacomel - audience for the scene

Priscila Montania make up and audience for the scene
@rafaelrudolf - audience for the scene

Alberto Camarero - The Fakir
Alberto de Oliveira - The man with the snake
Maura Ferreira - audience for the scene
Thais Grootveld - audience for the scene
Victor Delazari - audience for the scene
Pedro Gabriel - audience for the scene
Alexandra Maria Misurini - audience for the scene
Gil Veloso - audience for the scene

Espaço Lâmina e Luciano Corta-Ruas

Barbara Vidas as Sheyla Fernanda
and all the crew of this film <3

Thank you for making possible such a dream experience!


Was A very Important day in my life! (there was the first time that i sign my new name on a document! Lea Arafah plays Blua Discórdia at Alegria É a Prova dos Nove!

Again at estudio LAMINA sp as before.

Great pictures of @dazo , thankful deeply in my heart to be invited by @filmesdeinfiltracao to act at this wonderwomen from the brazilian cinema avantguard: Helena Ignez


it was an amazing and unforgetable experience! Thanks @filmesdeinfiltracao for building this special bridge!
the performance was awesome, and to meet Helena Ignez, watch her working, and share a little with this enormous icon of Brazilian art…

looking forward to see the movie and wondering how can we connect more and more with this production

thank you all


See Bellow the REPORT :wink:


It was an amazing day. Thank you @filmesdeinfiltracao for the opportunity.


Thanks Rafael!!!
Vai ser lindo esse movimento! Já é na real! <3

Finalmente! Um filme que teve uma cena parceira da Near Foundation, estreia!

Que lindas as transmidias da vida!!!