[REPORT] Alegria é a Origem do Universo: Uma performance no set de filmagem de Helena Ignez

Proponent: Filmes de Infiltração DAO

NEAR account for payment: filmesdeinfiltracao.sputnik-dao.near

Project Timeline: JUNE 15th / JUNE 20th

Total Budget: 500 USD

The goal of this project was to support a performance by the members of the Nômade Label DAO and Filmes de Infiltração DAO in a film by the octogenarian filmmaker Helena Ignez.
This sponsorship enabled us to rent the space and pay the artists, as well as to make the performance scene in the film possible. This is a very low-budget film of great importance for national cinema, which is why all the support is necessary to make it happen as well as brilliantly as possible.

About the event
Last June 15th we made this amazing meeting between performance, cinema and meta-verse.

Performance written and directed by @thaisampr
@blusw to blua_discordia.near as Blua Discordia - 42.5206 USD
@thaisampr to thaisampr.near as Ana Brasil - 42.5206 USD

Nômade Label and Filmes de Infiltração crew
@Dazo to dazo.near with the making of and audience for the scene - 42.5206 USD
@ritamaria to ritamaria.near production assistant and audience for the scene - 30.95 USD
@primontania to primontania.near make up and audience for the scene - 30.95 USD

@gabrielfelipejacomel to gabrielfelipejacomel.near - audience for the scene - 19.41 USD
@rafaelrudolf to rafaelrudolf.near - audience for the scene - 19.41 USD

Non Onboarded people
Alberto Camarero - The Fakir - 19.41 USD
Alberto de Oliveira - The man with the snake - 19.41 USD
Maura Ferreira - audience for the scene - 19.41 USD
Thais Grootveld - audience for the scene - 19.41 USD
Victor Delazari - audience for the scene - 19.41 USD
Pedro Gabriel - audience for the scene - 19.41 USD
Alexandra Maria Misurini - audience for the scene - 19.41 USD
Gil Veloso - audience for the scene - 19.41 USD
Vanessa dos Santos Soares - audience for the scene - 19.41 USD

Espaço Lâmina e Luciano Corta-Ruas - 97.06 USD

Total Budget: 500 USD

Unfortunately, we had to make a budget modification, as the space cost us a high amount of money and more people came to participate as EXTRA in the work than expected. In any case, the people are very important to us and we intend to pay them well next time.

The performers @thaisampr and @bluadiscordia did a great job and were supported by the production assistance of @ritamaria, make up of @primontania and the amazing photos by @dazo. They earned a little bit more, for their function on the project.

In order for everyone to receive a minimum, we split it equally among all the participants.

Some photos and sequences from the performance will be minted as NFTs, as part of the proposal also teasing our community to watch the film when it is ready.

We would like to thank all the participants, as well as
Barbara Vida as Sheyla Fernanda in the scene
and all the crew of this film <3

Thank you for making possible such a dream experience!

Love to all!!!


Hello Thais @filmesdeinfiltracao

thank you very much for the opportunity of being part of it. Looking forward to see the full movie, and also to make new partnerships with you

sending loves


Im sooooo ready to be happy with ALEGRIA!!!


Aimmm Gustavo!!! we are really happy to hear it! let’s make more films! <3

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