[Report] Filmes de Infiltração DAO - 2022 September 16th – 2023 July 24th

Report: Filmes de Infiltração DAO Project

Proponent: Filmes de Infiltração DAO

NEAR account for payment: filmesdeinfiltracao.sputnik-dao.near


Total Requested Funding Amount: 3000 DAI

Timeline: 2022 September 16th – 2023 July 24th


The main goal of this project was to promote the production of films with the support of the NEAR ecosystem and the DAO INFILTRATION FILMS. We aimed to assist these films in reaching international festivals, both in the physical world and the metaverse. Additionally, we sought to promote creative propulsion on web3. Notable projects like the short film “IMPERIO” and the feature film “ALEGRIA É A PROVA DOS NOVE” have gained recognition on the global stage, showcasing the potential of films backed by our DAO.

During the funding request process, we realized that each project has its unique timeline, and some required more time than initially anticipated.

Justification (Benefits):

The significance of this project lies in establishing partnerships within and outside the metaverse, co-creating innovative filmmaking approaches that aren’t solely reliant on a single source of funding. Collaborations with Nômade Label DAO, PROCD DAO, FEMINU DAO, and Antimetodo DAO happened incorporating their expertise in various aspects of filmmaking such as sound design, cinematography, color correction, and exhibition.

As filmmaking entails substantial costs, forming partnerships with other DAOs and blockchain investors creates an opportunity for emerging filmmakers to realize their dreams and produce their cinematic creations.


FILMES DE INFILTRAÇÃO DAO has received numerous project proposals, including NFT trailers, film screenings, and script development from newcomers to NEAR. We aim to develop these projects, assisting them through pre-production, shooting, post-production, and distribution, thereby bridging the gap between web3 and outsiders.

Projects Undertaken:

  1. Creation of 4 trailer books/NFTs - 450 DAI
    [PROPOSAL] - 4 trailer books inspired by Watch and be Watched - #3 by thaisampr

  2. Script writing for the film “UM HOMEM” - 200 DAI
    [Proposal] UM HOMEM-ROTEIRO - #6 by nathalialorda1

  3. Post-production for the film “HOMEM DE VERDADE” by Rafael Rudolf - 700 DAI
    [REPORT] Homem de Verdade (Real Man) - Post-production

  4. Development of the script for “THE BRAZILWOOD WOMAN” - Lojinha do Pau-Brasil (Brazilwood Store) and submission to script labs - 987.93 USDC
    Project: developing the script of the feature film: the brazilwood women - #7 by thaisampr

  5. Report on “EMPIRE | IMPERIO” (FRAMELINE47 - Trip Report) - 1050 USDC
    [REPORT] Imperio's Participation at Frameline47

  6. Open Call for the event “GILBERTO MENDES 100 YEARS” - Ocupação Nômade em Santos - 200 DAI
    [introduction] cem anos de gilberto mendes - one hundred years of gilberto mendes
    [REPORT] Ocupação Nomade em Santos em Homenagem a Gilberto Mendes - #3 by thaisampr

The council has been involved in organizing proposals and reports, onboarding new members, providing guidance on the use of various dApps, and empowering members to become more autonomous. Additionally, the council oversees film festival submissions, sales, and distribution, ensuring projects flow smoothly across web3, web2, and beyond.

Total used: 3387,93 USD (in DAI or USDC)

Funds Usage

During the project timeline, we effectively utilized a total of 3387.93 USD to support various aspects of our film production and festival submissions. These funds were essential in enabling us to participate in esteemed film festivals, enhance the quality of our films, and promote creative endeavors in the web3 ecosystem.

Collaboration with Creatives DAO

We are thankful for the collaboration with Creatives DAO, who graciously supported our project with a grant of 3000 USD. Their assistance played a vital role in realizing our artistic vision and expanding the reach of our films to wider audiences.

Excess Funds and Filmes de Infiltração DAO (FI DAO)

Following the utilization of the allocated grant from Creatives DAO, we identified an excess amount of 387.93 USD. To efficiently manage these funds, FI DAO stepped in and contributed to covering this surplus. This collaboration allowed us to ensure the funds were utilized effectively and optimally.

Prospects for Our Futures:

  • Exploring new cinematic narratives on web3, embracing new worlds and futures.
  • Creating cinematic NFTs, NFT trailers, NFT tickets, and other forms of tokenization.
  • Producing content about the NEAR ecosystem and blockchain technology.
  • Launching our Store to showcase our creative endeavors.


We are grateful for the support that has enabled us to achieve significant milestones, promoting NEAR-supported films worldwide. Our partnerships and collaborations have enriched the filmmaking process, fostering diversity and innovation. As we embrace new cinematic frontiers on web3, we are excited about the creative possibilities that lie ahead.
We express our deepest gratitude to Creatives DAO, Projeto Paradiso, Frameline and Filmes de Infiltração DAO community for their unwavering support and belief in our artistic vision. The impact of these collaborations has been transformative, fostering growth and innovation within the film community.

One day there will be a place for us :notes:.
Love Wins :rainbow_flag:


End of Report