[COMPLETED] Music Awareness Workshop

[proposal] Music Awareness Workshop

Proponent :
Francine Stringuini - @fstrings
Frederico Campos -@ruidelafont

Project timeline:
07/26/2022 to 08/15/2022
26 to 7 - structuring the proposal and pedagogical alignment of the classes,
9 - dissemination of the classes through social networks,
10- organization of the first class via Google meet,
14- organization of the second class via Google Meet,
15 - construction of the report and dissemination of the report on the near forum

Invitation to two open classes on musical consciousness on 10/8 and 14/08
Through google meet at 8pm on the respective days.
(Link will be available through the social networks of those involved)

@ocotopodedao - https://twitter.com/OctopodeDAO - https://www.instagram.com/octopodedao/
@fstrings - https://twitter.com/ffstrings - https://www.instagram.com/fstrings/
@ruidelafont - https://www.instagram.com/fredcaca/

As a product:
10 NFTS of workshop registration and minting in Dao’s store within mintbase and
2 video lessons made available on Octopode DAO’s youtube channel.

Two great foundations of music aimed at beginners and enthusiasts of the art of sounds, we hope to create a more sound Near.

To instigate music making within the Near Brazil community through two gatherings dealing with rhythm and melody:

" The Pulsar in Music - an invitation to attentive listening",
“Affect Theory in sonorities”.

With these classes we propose

(class 1)
An introduction to music, aimed at those who are beginning to be interested in sounds or self-taught students who seek a little theory in their compositions and interpretations. It will work on initial concepts of music perception, bringing awareness of the sound environment in which we are inserted and how we interact with it, distinction between noise and sounds, and introduction to rhythmic figures.

(class 2)
In a melodic way, each piece of sound or musical interval provokes a feeling, plotting them creating a sound atmosphere. Expository class demonstrating the relationship of affections with music according to the academics of the shantytown era and how this is applied today without the composing artists themselves realizing it.

Simple but very important concepts in music, assisting artists to communicate their feelings/intentions with greater awareness, clarity and expression within Near.


Francine Stringuini studied music theory and acoustic bass at UNISC’s School of Music, was part of the university’s Choir and the student Camerata. She is studying pedagogy and history at UNINTER. He was a double bass player at OCLAJE and Santa Cruz Filarmonia. She participates in Brazilian popular music bands and has traveled throughout the south of Brazil to promote the ep “só se vive uma vida - playsound”. She was the facilitator of a children’s music project for 80 children from 0 to 6 years old. Nowadays she works solo with guitar and voice. She has two works in group with band: Tear and res3rva_ where she plays bass and voice, besides cultural production, interpreter, composer and enthusiast of creative economies for 14 years.

Frederico Campos, graduated in music (Bachelor and Degree) at UEMG, has an MBA in Cultural Management at UNA-MG and an MBA in Investment and Private Banking at Xpeed IBMEC-SP. I have been working in the Arts and Culture area from a broad multidisciplinary spectrum such as musical performance productions, soundtracker for theater plays, dance performances and as a music educator since 2002.


Proposal Adaptation:
Due to setbacks,
The proposed class in the music workshop The
Pulse in Music will have a new date:

August 29 at 9am gmt-3

since it cannot be held on the day previously scheduled.

Another adaptation of the proposal will be the exchange of the second class of the workshop for a didactic video made in the language of media.
From which some of the nfts planned as a product were generated.

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[report] Music Awareness Workshop

Proponent :
Francine Stringuini - @fstrings
Frederico Campos -@ruidelafont

Project timeline: 07/26/2022 to 09/01/2022
26 to 7 - structuring of the proposal and pedagogical alignment of the classes,
9- communication failure among the team,
13- correction of the failure,
19- dissemination of the classes through social networks,
26- new dissemination of the class,
27- information about the new class date on the forum,
28 to 30 - minting the products at the octopode store
29- organization of the first class via google meet,
29- organization of the second class via Google meet,
30- construction of the report
30- linking of the classes on dao’s Youtube channel
01 - publication of the report in the forum near

@octopodedao @fstrings @ruidelafont

Invitation to classes:
A Pulse in Music

Affections in Music

Translated with DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator (free version)Project time: 26/07 to 01/09
Realization of two workshops about music awareness and how NEAR Protocol can be a gateway taking music knowledge to the general and artistic public in Brazil, provide new experiences, promoting quality of life and fostering culture. The workshops were held on August 29 and 30, 2022 by Googlemeet and zoom platforms by the artists @fstrings and @ruidelafont.
The topics were “The Pulse in Music”, Affects in Music ".


The discussion about the main idea of the proposal was started from August 03. Its structure was started on August 08 and finished on August 10. From there, we started the development of the lessons and slides for the workshops.

Starting on August 19, we began advertising on social networks in addition to direct invitations.
We also created 10 nfts of music that were minted on the Mintbase platform.

The classes took place on August 29 and 30, 2022, the products generated from them are now available in the links below.

Products generated with the class:

Youtube :
Affections in Music - Projeto Afetos na Música FREDERICO CACÁ - YouTube

The Pulse in Music - O pulsar na música por Fran Stringuini - YouTube

Youtube channel dissemination through instagram: Octópode DAO on Instagram: "Em uma introdução à música, voltada para quem começa a se interessar por sonoridades, a Octopode Dao e Francine Stringuini trabalham juntas para trazer mais música brasileira para dentro da Near. ♥ Acesse nosso canal e veja a aula completa Projeto da nossa bolsista @fstrings"

10 nfts with minting done at the Octopode DAO store on Mintbase:

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Affections in Music image:


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Muito bacana esse projeto!!! :heart: :heart: