[proposal] Octópode DAO Brazilian Music at Near 2º ED

**Octópode DAO Brazilian Music at NEAR 2º ED


Carlos Escouto

  • Near account for payment: escouto.near

Alexandre Macieira

  • Near account for payment: macieira.near


In partnership with Octopode DAO, proposes
The realization of a musical concert and photographic virtual exhibition and the concert on June 24, 25 and 26 with the second guest band of the event Brazilian Music at NEAR ‘‘Koé Records’’.


Title: Brazilian Music at Near 2º ED


‘‘Brazilian Music on Near’’ aims to bring Brazilian authorial music works to Near’s platform in video format and NFT’s from photographs of the bands. The project intends to explore the versatility of the NEAR platform in receiving all art formats using various tools to expose Brazilian artists. In the second edition of the project, the proponent intends to promote, produce and publicize the artistic work of the band ‘‘Koé Records’’ on NEAR and bring their work into the blockchain. The project will fund an authorial show by the band and leave it on display along with a photo essay coined as NFT in the DAO Gambiarra space on cryptovoxels. The works in NFT will also be available on the proponents’ wallets and a specific wallet will be created for the band on mintbase for dissemination, circulation and purchase by blockchain users. ‘’


Holding events and exhibitions is an incentive for our artists to continue producing and publishing their works on the Mintbase-NEAR platform. The Octopode DAO stands on its values and principles generating actions that are relevant to the community and help in the growth of the network, further strengthening the Mintbase-NEAR network and showing how effective it is to receive more artistic expressions. In partnership with Gambiarra DAO, the project aims to achieve a real market value for the production of the project, since, in its first edition, the values were below the market for audiovisual and musical prodiuction. In this sense, the DAO Gambiarra would finance the work of: capturing and editing video, recording in the studio, the band’s fee and part of the marketing, as well as giving up their space in cryptovoxels on days 24, 25 and 26 for the exhibition of the show and photography. On the other side, DAO Octopode will finance the executive production work of the project, which includes the functions of producer and contractor of the band, creation of NFT’s, creation and minting in the portfolios and construction and dismantling of the exhibition at cryptovoxels.

Guest: Pytter, Pach, Pedro Santos, Thrue Beats and Alixandre Pires form the cast of ‘‘Koé Records’’ which is a band, record label, music and audiovisual production company located in Florianópolis/SC and Vera Cruz/RS. As of 2018, ‘‘Koé records’’ has 20 authorial works and is in the process of constant musical construction. For example, 02/06 are releasing their new single ‘‘Analog #3 - Pila’’. Their works can be checked out at - (1193) Koé Records - YouTube

If the partnership between Gambiarra and Octopode is closed, this will be its second edition. The first edition and the execution report can be checked in - [Report] Brazilian Music at NEAR - #6 by Carlos


The Action: Brazilian Music at NEAR is an event that intends to show the diversity of Brazilian music seeking bands, musicians, sounds and musical artistic varieties throughout the Brazilian territory.
It is a project that intends to bring the Brazilian music artist into the Mintbase-NEAR platform and insert it in the metaverse, thus offering an additional opportunity to show their work and be paid for it. This way we guarantee the historical record turning this art into NFTs. The photos and short videos will also be organized in 3XR Space, but we hope to find a place on Cryptovoxels or another platform where we can hold an exhibition with all the works together.


The pre-event is already being organized since the end of May by holding meetings and conversations between those involved and possible guests. During this period, the musical producer is in constant contact with bands and making the selection according to the availability and budget of the band and the project.
After the proposal is approved we will start the activities that are scheduled to begin on June 6, 2022, where the graphic materials and texts will be produced for the following week.
From June 9 to 13, texts, posters, videos and photographic images of the band will be produced and publicized, as well as invitations in Telegram, Whatsapp and Discord groups of the network of artists interested and active in NFT. All this content will also be available for dissemination in the social networks of Gambiarra DAO and the proponents.
All the material generated by the Brazilian Music in NEAR project will be available in the format of a concert and virtual exhibition on June 24, 25, and 26, 2022 on social media, youtube, and cryptovoxels.

Budget: USD 500 in NEAR

USD 200 in near - payment carlos escouto cultural producer and music producer to be paid in portfolio escouto.near

USD 200 in near - Remuneration creation and minting NFT’S and mounting exhibition at cryptovoxels to be paid in the portfolio alexandre.macieira

USD 100 in NEAR - digital design and metaverse assistance - to be paid at wallet isadanoninho.near

SIGNATURE: Carlos Escouto


Carlos Escouto: Theater Teacher, Cultural Producer
president municipal council of culture
currículo produtor - Documentos Google

Alexandre Macieira:
Link Curriculo: @alexandremacieira | Linktree
Site: http://alexandremacieira.com.br

Isa Danone:
Link Resume: Danone Psicodélico | Linktree



Project Status: COMPLETED

[Completed] Brazilian Music at NEAR 2nd ED partnership Gambiarra Octopode DAO

Project accounting:

Koe Records band concert was presented and at the same time a photo exhibition of NFT’s by the band was displayed in the cryptovoxels space on the days; June 24, 25 and 26. Also a portfolio for collection of NFT’s by the band has been created on the mintbase website - Mintbase - NEAR NFT Contract API for Developers and Nocode -

**Budget: 500 USD in NEAR

Updated project timeline:

The first week of execution was the search for a recording location together with the band and negotiation of giving up the space for recording the show. The space chosen was the ateliê de vivências urbanas in Santa Cruz do Sul ‘‘AVU’’. - (5) Ateliê Vivências Urbanas - AVU | Facebook - The recording took place on June 12th. On this day, the band and the cultural producer were there early in the morning for the visual organization of the space and all the clothing for the recording. The production team was on site from 1pm until 7:30pm. Also on this day was made a photo essay that later became NFT and was exposed next to the show in cryptovoxels and also attached to the portfolio in mintbase.

After the recording of the day 12/06 began to be disclosed on social media the Koé Records show that would occur on June 24 at cryptovoxels. Parallel to this, the audiovisual production began the work of editing the video as well as the music production began the audio editing. The two productions worked together on the video production and were performed by @alixandretpires and @tru3beats.

Below is a list of links that prove the disclosure of the project and its realization;


Octópode DAO on Twitter: ““Música brasileira na Near” Produção @octopodedao e @gambiarranear com financiamento @nearprotocol! #Show “#LivePerformance” da #KoeRecords, 24/06 às 20h no @cryptovoxels. Mais: https://t.co/W5VHsM7nw4 | #OctopodeDAO #NearNFT #Cryptovoxels #GambiarraNear #Koe #music #floripa #BR” / Twitter -

Octópode DAO on Twitter: “@koerecords “Música brasileira na Near” com o Show “Live Performance” uma produção @octopode e @gambiarranear com financiamento @nearprotocol! HOJE 24/06 no @cryptovoxels https://t.co/tntYgB35S4 | #OctopodeDAO #NearNFT #Cryptovoxels #GambiarraNear #KoeRecords #musica #floripa https://t.co/b1kW1aOnmi” / Twitter

Octópode DAO on Twitter: “Vai começar às 20h @koerecords na “Música brasileira na Near”’ com o Show “Live Performance” uma produção @octopode e @gambiarranear com financiamento @nearprotocol! HOJE 24/06 no @cryptovoxels https://t.co/tntYgB35S4 | #OctopodeDAO #NearNFT #GambiarraNear #Koe #KoeRecords #music https://t.co/hwPLfrz5XB” / Twitter


Carlos Escouto (@ciclanocarlos) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram

Gambiarra Near (@gambiarranear) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram

Octópode DAO (@octopodedao) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram

Alexandre Macieira (@alexandremacieira) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram

A story highlight was created, gathering most of the stories made during the execution of the project, which can be checked at the link

The band Koe Records made a compilation of stories about the performance and how to access the show on cryptovoxels that can be checked out at

(2) Alixandre Trentin Pires da Koé Records fala sobre Metaverso - YouTube

Highlights and criticisms:

The dissemination of the process and the event itself were very good. As and main highlight I cite the link above where one of the band members makes a tutorial teaching people how to access cryptovoxels, since for many people the platform is still unknown making this material very important to facilitate people’s access to the space. The show’s debut on the 24th also reached a significant audience. At one point there were more than 19 people watching the live on cryptovoxels.

The only criticism was the delay by the proponent himself in preparing the final report and making it available on the forum.


The main learning was on the part of the band as they did not know the concept of NFT and also never performed in metaverse space. The project allowed them and their followers to get to know this platform and encouraged them to produce artistic products in this medium, which will help to spread the word about mintbase, cryptovoxels and the creation of NFT itself in the artistic environment.

*Next Steps:

The next steps is to delve into how the band Koé Records can produce and what kind of artwork they can produce in this format. The cultural producer and the band are studying the possibilities of creating material in this format to promote the band, promote mintbase platform and exercise the creation of NFT’s since the NFT itself is still an artistic mode not yet well known in the artistic world. Even the month of July will be a month where the band and the cultural producer will have a strong immersion in this and in the creation of these artistic products and work on their diffusion.

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