Complaint against Marketing DAO council Dacha for breach of community guidelines

We have witnessed community guidelines being breached by Dacha multiple times.

We as Councils of Creative DAO have tried to sort it out internally over calls and telegram texts with Dacha. Even after repeated attempts to stop harassment of community members it has continued and is getting worse by the day.

This presents a great threat to the development of existing communities and the new ones seeking out to build on NEAR.

What might have started out as conspiracy theories back in the day has now turned into cyberbullying and misuse of power.

Members are not feeling safe and are demanding action.

We request readers to go through all the details carefully and check the links & telegram groups for more clarity.

Issue 1 - Defamation, manipulation of narrative and abuse of power

Calling Rhyme from NXM community “a criminal” on the forum

  • Dacha went to Rhyme’a personal Instagram, quoted a Hashtag from his post about marijuana legalization. And asked Rhyme “why should community support a criminal”
  • I asked Dacha to change his response about calling Rhyme a criminal on the same forum post. After changing his response, he used his forum Moderator permission to edit his quoted words on my comment which mentioned him calling Rhyme a criminal.
  • This completely changed the narrative of the thread.


  • Dacha claimed to have called the organizers, which when verified by Rhyme later, was untrue.

  • After checking with the organizers, Rhyme informed him that none of the organizers were called by Dacha, clearly showing Dacha was lying about it.

  • Dacha later deleted his post claiming he called organizers.

  • ([Approved] NxM Integrating a Full Web3 Experience at Local Music Festival - #11 by rhymetaylor)|624.0x369.0

  • Offensive remarks were made which were completely uncalled for.

  • Then deleted later. Again changing the narrative of the thread.

  • |624.0x612.0

  • After that Dacha suspended Rhyme for allegedly perceiving him as a criminal without any proof


  • Later Dacha messaged Rhyme on telegram and expressed it was due to personal reasons, not at all related to Rhyme.


Case 2 - Misrepresenting information and lying about a new community member from 1 MLN NFT project and Creative DAO moderators on Transparency Commision telegram.

  • A new project, 1MLN NFTs, was funded by Creatives DAO in April. The value prop offered by the project can be checked in the link below.

  • [Approved] 1 MIL NFTs to the Creatives DAO and the whole NEAR community

  • Dacha was dismissive of the new project and organized a call with Michael, the DAO council and the project manager of 1MLN NFTs

  • After his conversation, Dacha posted outright lies about Creative DAO councils misconstruing consciously what Michael said.


  • Michael being a new member of the community got extremely disappointed with what he was reading and shared his response.



Here is the link of the Transparency Commission Working group

Link to the Chat. Please continue reading from her for a deeper context.

Few other Concerns

  • Along with being a Council for Marketing DAO onin NEAR, Dacha is also a moderator for the Aurora community which is a direct conflict of interest.

  • NDC participation - Dacha is actively participating in the Transparency Commission and Regional DAOs.

  • I presume here that he’d want to be a part of it. This poses a threat to members and communities even further as his decisions, judgments and motivations in various cases have been purely personal, biased with narratives being completely skewed and based on poor due diligence.

  • We’re growing bigger in size and more seasoned communities and projects are joining in that would require strong marketing support. I do not know if he has relevant experience, a degree or any kind of qualification required to make marketing decisions for this community.

With various issues being publicly discussed even before this incident and no action has still taken against him for a while, it is discouraging for many members of the community to continue building.

It also dissuades community members from bringing in more new partnerships and communities due to the slander and attacks directed towards community members as it makes this space unsafe to work and build.

Something seems completely off with the picture of why someone from the leadership of Ecosystem DAOs wants to relentlessly attack Creatives’ DAO and associated creative communities rather than trying to help members build.

We’re tired of dealing with constant attacks as it puts us in a defensive spot and no one can create when they are trying to defend continuously, let alone the mental trauma caused to the community members.

The question is - Do we want our ecosystem leadership to look like this?

This is a picture case of cyberbullying and I appeal to the NEAR foundation to take actions mentioned below after investigating the facts shared above.

Post an investigation if the information mentioned is proven correct, I Appeal to NF

  1. To Remove Dacha as a council of MDAO due to breach of the above violations

  2. For GWG to step in and reject Dacha to lead the Transparency Commission.

@blaze @moderators


As a long-time member of the NEAR community, I can confirm that Dacha has been using manipulative tactics to bully others and bend reality. The evidence presented clearly shows that he has acted in bad faith by deleting his own bullying comments and pretending to be innocent. Such behavior can have disastrous consequences for the creative community, potentially driving people away from NEAR.

Furthermore, Dacha has been known to use gaslighting techniques, denying the experiences of those who call him out and dismissing their concerns as false. Many community members building on Aurora with strong affiliation to CreativesDAO have also been bullied due to his position there, making them hesitant to speak out against him.

It is crucial that we, as a community, take action to address this behavior and create a safe and inclusive space for everyone. We cannot allow cyber bullying and manipulation to continue. It is our responsibility to hold individuals accountable for their actions and work towards building a healthier community.

I genuinely hope that this leads to concrete actions, such as removing Dacha from any matters related to NF and NDC. This, of course, requires actions from NF and NDC.

cc @blaze @fiatisabubble

Time flies…


Time and time again this person has created a hostile work environment and overstepped boundaries that should never be crossed. Their presence and influence in the ecosystem has made it difficult for many projects and individuals to get anything done. The behavior has been inexcusable IMO and the lack of self-awareness to this issues and awareness/action/in-action of other leadership positions has allowed this to the entire ecosystems detriment. I have seen time and time again them be enabled. Without this being dealt with swiftly and definitively and in full, this ecosystem is in great jeopardy of surviving.


I would like to let @Dacha weigh in before taking a closer look at this :pray:

As for your second point, I would recommend projects and/or community members who’ve experienced this to come out and produce supporting evidence. I think I’ve been fairly consistent with this request on various allegations I’ve seen on the forum.


May I ask what supporting evidence in the OP is missing? It looks like a thorough outline of transgressions

Sorry. Should have been more specific.

This is referring to the point made about projects building Aurora that have a strong affiliation to CreativesDAO.

Thank you for clarifying. I will withold further commentary for the time being. I believe the gaslighting Paul referneces is pertinent when this person is “explaining” away.

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Hello @Cryptonaut , glad to see such active members like you. I am a witness to your growth in the Community. Yes, I’ve been attacked many times for my attempts to figure out what is happening with proposals in Marketing (more) and Creative (less) DAOs, and this is another one.

Why it’s happening now? Because I am a person who seeks justice and cares about community members… This is an attack using edited images without any context of 3 people (including CDAO grantees) from Creative DAO in response to my support of community members who asked uncomfortable questions to creative DAO moderators (they flagged all of them) regarding the scoring system.

From @thecreator from @JohnX, Oyin, and other people.

In the TC WG, I have also been attacked by people who used offensive emojis.

Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 5.11.30 PM

I would say even more. Such attacks began much earlier, and not only on me but also on other councils which were liked by you.

I am troubled to read it. I was happy to be a part of CDAO working groups and glad my suggestions about the CDAO charter were approved.

And yes, next time, please include all messages (regarding NFT), not only parts you like to show everyone. Regarding the points system, conditions must be equal for all.

This is a post [Approved] NxM Integrating a Full Web3 Experience at Local Music Festival doesn’t have mentioned your pictures.

Please build and create instead of attacking other people who you try to ignore and me.


Hi @Dacha,

Are you saying the images shared from the forum are fabricated?


Somebody said emojis are offensive :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Yes, and we do a great job in the WG: openness and transparency. All of the WG agreed to include TC as an independent body to resolve cases, excluding CDAO.

Today, I got a message that one of the community members was kicked off from Creative Community without reason by you ( abuse of power?)

Yes, we have a lot of topics to discuss.


MANIPULATIVE. The gaslighting is incredible.

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I’m just an observer but this message is not consistent with Community Etiquette


No, @Paul .

You keep getting offended because I was the reason you got your proposal rejected. At the same time, you definitely understand how much other support your other projects and DAOs got because of me. Time to forget old grudges


And what comment would that? Acknowledging the gaslighting? I think people are failing to realize there are real legal implications to such actively defaming rhetoric and the overstepping of boundaries. If you’re looking for diplomacy, you will not get it from me. The pseudo-diplomacy is why this pervasive behavior to continue unchecked.

Your proposal was approved.


Sorry, but as we already saw from the previous years of funding in the ecosystem - the ecosystem lost a lot of money and get nothing instead.

It was for this reason that NF stopped all grants for several months. And some things still can’t be funded.

If we will not do investigations and check the ecosystem will die.


Trolling and attacking individual people is not the right way to maintain the conversation. The trolling, attacks or things that don’t make any sense don’t warrant a response - be pragmatic. See if there are real concerns and address them.

You’re upset, I get it. But I urge you (and everyone) to follow the Community Etiquette (I attached the link above).


This has nothing to do with a community member being called a criminal and twisting facts about new community members and lying about creative DAO mods.

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Lol no kidding. If you were as active throughout that time as you are here you would know I was one of the most vocal about the misapplication of funds and having a more stringent process for approval. Your comment is not relevant to this discussion in any way whatsoever