Community Team: Week of Nov 29, 2021

Happy Monday!

At 4 weeks away from the end of our Q4, let’s continue the momentum and aim for completion, we are almost there!


  • Complete 2nd iteration of the Community MVO, Strategy Document
  • Make the final decision regarding the Zurich MeetUp - whether to cancel due to strict covid regulations or to go ahead with maximum vigilance.
  • Review Guilds on Astro and assess the transition of guild members (check the status of Astro UI bug fix)- Legal position.
  • Complete workshop with the team for Q1 2122 vision and objectives
  • Deep work with Rebecca (Guilds Funding, Communications, videos (EOY), Q12022, website)


  • Allocate resources needed to complete the Onboarding OKRs
  • Prepare a Forum post on NEAR meetups
  • Prepare a Forum post on Guilds Payouts/Grant (from last week)

Happy Monday!


Swarming - Outline what has been done successfully with the community supporting the projects in Q4 - :white_check_mark:, what the NEAR community can offer projects - :white_check_mark:, the process - TBD.

Communities on Chain - Astro adoption by Guilds - Identify how to recognize the newly transitioned Guilds on TG channels publicly. - Postponed

Marketing requests - Finalize the audit and identify the distribution strategy (community, social channels, marketing support) - Ongoing. Improve the logic for the Activation button - :white_check_mark:.


Define the projects supported by the community, in which capacity. - :white_check_mark:

Shortlist the Guilds services for the ecosystem support. - Ongoing

Involve the creative team for the Communities on Chain aspect. - Postponed

Create a Miro board for the Activation button logic. - :white_check_mark:



  • Guilds on Astro DAO - make progress toward confirming new legally compliant process starting in December - progress being made
  • Deep work with Grace - done
  • Prep for Q1 2022 workshop with the Info Team (cc: @David_NEAR @jlwaugh) - done


  • Open Web Sandbox Roadmap - presentation to the NEAR Team & dissemination of the road map to occur today; need to establish full alignment with latest onboarding activities as led by Ken & AVB cc: @Jessica @shreyas (carry-over from last week) - done

  • Guild Funding Simplified - work with @grace to develop the Guilds Payouts/Grant process & messaging - progress made! next week’s payout process confirmation should seal the deal

Additional items:

  • Community Choice Awards winners announcement & prize-sending - results have been tabulated and now will need to determine the best way to get individuals & groups their prizes, submit the marketing request for the winners to be announced, and get prizes sent cc: @jlwaugh (continuation from last week) - waiting for confirmation on Hype about announcement but should be today

  • Team tool access & organization - continue clean-up of Copper [COMM] Community’s Pipeline, craft action plan with Maggie for the high priority Copper builds before EOY & completing transition for Community team to emails for all subscriptions / tool log-ins - done, update on Trello

  • Attend Zurich MeetUp (if occurring) and OWS Monthly Party rescheduled to this Friday, Dec. 3 - register here! - was not able to attend Zurich



  • Reviewing and onboarding new guilds that have filled in the application form

Update: Done

  • Finalize guilds platform with NEAR Login specification and onboard devs to build it out with Ken, Jordan and Sherif.

Update: Done. Awaiting technical details and timelines from NEAR Hispano.

  • Wrap up referral+incentive program doc for guilds
    • Blockers: Awaiting details on referrals + incentives from hackathon team and edu team.

Update: Initial draft done with all the details we currently have. Hackathon and Edu referral will need to be updated later.

  • Extended feedback from guild applicants on onboarding process

Update: Jess is taking this up.


  • Review NEAR Bangalore meetup logistics, invite list, venue and other details plan with the organizers.

Update: Most likely wont have an in person event due to covid. Discussing the possibilities of an online event.


  • Onramp plan for guilds to the platform- Jess, Rebecca and JC
  • Review guild NPS survey completion progress- Jess
  • Support with Guild office hour on Friday- Jess


  • Meet with new moderators for their first 1:1
  • Add miro stickies planned from last week
  • Sync with David on possible forum moderation
  • Last push /invitations for the Quarterly guilds survey
  • first near discord sync
  • Work with mods to:
    • Refine reporting processes
    • Run Engagement initiatives (AMA on TG, Quiz on Discord)
    • Start looking for content Guilds can translate and distribute in their local languages
    • Be familiar with Trello and stand by for any content rolling out
    • Start looking at NEAR Projects who haven’t used the activation button
    • Wiki FAQs
    • Improve mod knowledge on the wallet


  • Send paid marketing proposal to Grace for Dec Marketing launches
  • Attend OWS party and Roadmap Presentation
  • Add Guilds for NEAR meets invitation. Standing by with the email draft until handbook is ready. (Supported by Olga and DJ)

Other General duties:

  • Sync with Olga for Trello, Swarming, etc
  • Support Jess for office hours this Friday
  • Brainstorming for Q1 OKRs
  • Review and approve marketing dao proposals
  • Continue scheduling Guild support syncs with Guild Leaders
  • Meet with Sherif for possible collab on mod education


  • Conduct user interviews post-Gov Forum Revamp Survey

Update: Done!

  • Synthesise the data from the above

Update: Will ship reports next week

  • Integrate auto-translation in the Forum

Update: Pushed back to next week as we need a third party service

  • Finalise the migration to Docusaurus for the NEAR Wiki

Update: Working to reorganise the forum and flesh out necessary content prior to moving

  • Finalise and publish personas for the Wiki onto the Forum for Community/team review

Update: Alternative + reorg shared here

  • Begin work on detailed action points from the data received from the Gov Forum survey + User interviews

Update: In progress


  • Wiki Development Plan

  • Support Jess with Guild Wiki contributions

  • NEAR Governance Forum Revamp


  • Revive the ‘next up in NEAR’ forum posts and publish Friday

  • Reach out to NEARWeek & Co to see if the above could be folded into their activities

Update(both of the above): Peter has so kindly agreed to fold this into the NEARWEEK activities. Working with Peter next week to get this going



  • Onboarding measured: (Manual data collection). Reviewing and onboarding new guilds that have filled in the application form + conducting interviews with as many guild leaders as possible RE onboarding journey.
  • Finalise guilds “human stories” blogs from 10 guild leaders to be showcased on the web.
  • Second Office hours on Friday promotion - agenda to focus on NEAR meets.

Additional: Bring on one more person to help with ops, (reviewing and collecting data about onboarding journeys)


  • Promote Guilds survey in NEAR week (incl. misfits prize) plus official biweekly newsletter
  • Copper integrations and automations finalised with maggie
  • Continued WIKI guilds content creation


  • NEAR Meetups
    • add handbook to wiki
    • publish forum post about Multi-DAO governance
    • iterate budget + agenda templates
    • create Typeform to gather lessons learned from event organizers
    • refine onboarding system
    • provide clarity on the incentives
      • design referral system
    • promote open discussion: 2021-12-07T15:00:00Z
    • meet with community leaders from established, local guilds
  • Governauts
    • support researchers by attending sessions to answer questions and provide some direction
    • prepare to give talk about Governauts DAO at the assemblage next Friday, December 10
    • derive insights from patterns of survey responses
  • Bounties
    • continue discussion about opportunities with Gitcoin and participate in GR12
    • collaborate with potential grant recipient working on Deep Skills + Ceramic


  • Community DAO
    • remove team from council
    • draft constitution
  • Ecosystem DAO
    • integrate Request Network for invoices
    • add perspective on 2022 mission, vision, objectives and key results
    • share ideas re: how to decentralize via pluralization