Community Team: A look into the week ahead - (Week of 10th January)

Hi all!
Wishing you all a very happy new year! Hope you’ve had an amazing time with your loved ones. We’re really excited for what lies ahead in 2022. In that same spirit of looking ahead :wink:, we’ve decided to change things up a bit in the format of our weekly reporting. We’ll be posting updates every Friday(instead of Monday) looking into following week and sharing our key priorities as it relates to our OKRs.

As we kick things off for the year, our key goal is to set up OKRs for the the Q1, 2022. So this week and part of next week will be spent in getting the team together to discuss what’s most important for us to serve this community.

With that said, I’d like to kick it off-

Priority for the following week:

  • Implementation & testing of transactions function into the guilds platform
  • Work with @Jessica to get the Guild NPS results published.
  • Team Q1 2022 OKRs deep dive and roadmap session with @Jessica and @jcatnear .
  • NEAR India community meeting and planning.
  • Onboarding new guilds.

@grace @shreyas @Jessica @jcatnear @mecsbecs @jlwaugh @olpl @David_NEAR


Priority for the following week:

  • Work with MarketingDAO to create SLAs
  • Call with potential Wiki content creator
  • Seek more Wiki-pros for contribution and organisation
  • Wiki content
  • Ideate on video content for the community :tada:

Thanks for kicking this off Shreyas. My priorities next week are:

  • Working on the Project plan for this quarter

  • Resuming the moderator kick-off call to discuss goals for each subteam

  • 1:1s with moderators for individual goals and initiatives

  • To clarify how community will support the top NEAR projects

  • Finalizing the General Community Onboarding Survey

  • Budget proposals based on the initiatives for this quarter

  • Exploring the possibility of bounties for individuals and guilds to supplement NEAR Community efforts.

  • Outlining the NEAR Guilds: Regional Program

Happy Friday team! Pumped for what next week has in store.


Amazing way to start 2022! :rocket: Thank you @shreyas for getting us started on our weekly work-plan, identifying priorities and where the focus will be next week:

  • Close Q4 OKRs and produce a final quarterly summary :white_check_mark:
  • Complete the community team Roadmap for the next 6 months
  • Reach agreement with the team on Q1 priorities :white_check_mark:
  • Share the finalised Q1 OKRs with the NEAR Foundation team at the next All Hands :white_check_mark:
  • Complete the implementation of the new payout process with @mecsbecs :no_entry:
  • Communicate the next steps to implement the Community-driven DAOs structure :no_entry:
  • Review the Strategy Plans from @shreyas and @mecsbecs :no_entry:
  • Provide support to team members on developing their own Project Plan with @olpl :white_check_mark:
  • Work with Marketing to create a series of videos related to the Community and facilitate onboarding. :white_check_mark: (need to prepare a script)

Thanks @shreyas, Happy new year everyone! :unicorn:

Priorities for the following week:

  • Guild NPS + User interviews results published (plus discussed during office hours).
  • First office hours of 2022.
  • Team Q1 2022 OKRs deep dive and roadmap session with @shreyas and @jcatnear .
  • Finalise logistics of ‘Guilds accomplishments visibility and reporting’ direction. Working with Peter (nearweek) to collect accomplishments on a regular basis and promote.
  • Onboarding new guilds.

For me, next week is shaping up to contain:

  • the finalization of the team Q1 OKRs by Wednesday

  • the formulation of the Info Team preliminary strategy by Wednesday (pending some clarification on expectations)

  • the formalization of the team Q1 roadmap minimum by Friday

  • the (finally) publication of the new payout process once the KYC integration and lingering legal verbiage questions have been resolved [dependencies on Jake/website, FLO, Sherif/Education here]
    ~ A Loom video will also be created and posted to further illustrate the new process flow when all elements are ready
    ~ All :stars: good vibes :stars: for this to be out in the world by Friday

  • the further brainstorming and development of the EthDenver Creative & Community Activations with @jlwaugh - Jan. 15th (Sat) is the drop-dead date for moving ahead and all signs seem to still be pointing to :checkered_flag: GO :checkered_flag:

  • furthermore, if time allows, I’ll be completing the draft of the brief the DAO Working Group’s first use case of NEARWEEK and the NEWS DAO (next meeting is Thursday)


Excited about 2022!

Priorities for next week:


Hah you are too kind, @jlwaugh - always happy to help. Stoked for the multi-chain NFT discussion on the Secret Network Twitter Space, thank you for representing NEAR!

Amazing work as always, Community Team!