Community Team Updates: The Week Ahead (Week of 7th February)

Hi Community! Following are my priorities for the week ahead:

  • Starting preparations for the next steps for Community-driven DAOs

  • Coordinating the first meeting for the Guilds Platform Advisory Group and engaging Silicon Craftsmen @satojandro for UX consultation on the platform’s development

  • Facilitating the Business on NEAR DAO restructuring efforts

  • Working on the first draft for the Project Pipeline Support Strategy and submitting the plan to @mecsbecs for review based on the brainstorm and learnings from the meeting with Nicole Tay from Grants team

  • Preparing 3 new project plans and submitting to @olpl for review and feedback


Next Week’s Priorities:

  • Campaign Batch 1
  • work with data analysis contributor on surveys
  • finalize calendly setup
  • Gathering all existing Regional Guild leaders for regional guild playbook feedback
  • Pitching community support plans to top 3 projects
  • work with Kem for moderator incentive plans
  • continue working on community playbooks for the wiki

Next week’s priorities:

  • Roadmapping Guilds platform with Harshit and Advisory group
  • Guild review and onboarding
  • Review regional plan and next steps with Jess
  • Strategy work with Rebecca
  • Reviewing Metaverse onboarding project with a partner
  • Participate in NEAR India community meeting

Next week’s priorities:

  • Work with @kitbuti & @starpause to determine the content for the DAOs with DAOvid workshop(s)
  • Continue adding content to the Community section of the Wiki
  • Follow up with Wiki consultant (hopefully)
  • Investigate dedicated tooling and expand the community guidelines from:

NEAR Community Forum Incident - Overview, Learnings, and Next Steps Community


Hello! Please find my work plan for next week Feb 7th, 2022

  • Support the development of the second version of the Guild’s Tiering system
  • Follow up and develop plans agreed at Team’s offsite
  • Complete performance review calibration
  • Complete 1-1s with the team as I was unavailable this week
  • Initiate the process to create Swiss Association for Ecosystem Development and Marketing DAOs
  • Finalise the review of Guild Grant Program applications
  • Step down from DAOs meant to be driven by the community

@chronear please include tag #weekly-updates


@jlwaugh and @Jessica please share your work plan for next week…Thanks!

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Thanks for pointing out, fixed!

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thanks @chronear :heart_eyes:

My priorities for the week ahead:

  • Phase one guilds onboarding / finalise marketing materials for NEAR drop campaign with NEAR insider.
  • Review updates for guilds dashboard (graphs updates)with Annabelle and Raj
  • Review regional expansion plans with shreyas.
  • USUAL - Guilds onboarding
  • Guilds office hours
  • Guilds biweekly report

My priorities for this week:

  • ETHDenver ~ Satellite Maker Space + Guildathon
    • #GUIDL Week: February 11-20
  • Twitter Space discussion via @NEARdevs about interoperabiity
    • 2022-02-09T20:00:00Z
  • promoting online NEAR Meet Governance Discussion
    • 2022-02-23T17:00:00Z
  • Sputnik DAObots product management in collaboration with open-source contributors
  • add “Open Data Gov Jam” (working title) to the community events calendar
    • TBC 2022-03-10T05:00:00Z

I will be OOO this Thursday and Friday.


My priorities for next week:

  • complete team performance review calibration with @Grace and @shreyas and the People Team
  • share notes with @chronear for the first draft of the Project Pipeline Support Strategy then review
  • continued team strategy work with @shreyas
  • ETHDenver NEAR Lounge: finalize programming; promoting micro site when live; confirming and booking all F&B vendors; supporting @jlwaugh and @yadira as needed with @olpl
  • chat with potential Wiki Consultant @David_NEAR has already vetted to see about securing them on a short-term basis
  • payout process KYC alternatives testing and (hopeful) process amendments posting by EOW
  • support with Team Offsite planning (?)