Community Squad Weekly Updates: 19 April 21

Briefly describe your ‘key results’ from last week’s work plan and your plan for this week. @weekly-updates
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Focus last week:

  • Guild onboarding- Reviewed guild application proposals & quiz, sent out acceptance emails,
  • Community OS- Working on different components and giving feedback on the OS
  • OSA grant with Blaze- Set up metrics and got an initial review from Blaze. Set up time to go over it next week and look at next steps.
  • WAO workshop
  • OWC candidate interview- Gave feedback to the hiring team about the candidate.
  • India accelerator & investor partnership meetings- Met with a potential partner and discussed next steps on getting involved with the accelerator.
  • IIITL hackathon meeting- Met with the team and asked them to send proposal for a community partnership. Decided that we wont be a sponsor for this edition.
  • NEAR PH community meeting- Reviewed their proposal and gave feedback. Working on updated proposal where while they continue activities from the maintenance mode.
  • Guild rewards with Eunice: Reviewed rewards with Eunice and worked with Gus to distribute them to guilds.
  • Angel DAO- Met with Angel DAO team and gave feedback on proposal and next steps.
  • 4NTS Bi weekly- Discussed sandbox progress and initiatives like NWTN. Other process priorities discussions too.
  • Reviewed Hackathon guild proposal.
  • Online Community Manager role: Shared the role in a couple of communities. Reviewed some resumes.

This week:

  • Guild onboarding
  • Grants review
  • Catchup with Swagger DAO team
  • Meetup with NEAR RU community lead
  • India accelerator & investor partnership meetings
  • Meeting with Europe-Africa Blockchain Developers manager
  • NEAR AU catchup
  • OKR metrics specifics

Happy week! We are now on a high-speed train :bullettrain_side: with laser focus on our deliverables and the value-creation for our NEAR ecosystem.

Last week was a crucial week for the team, we kicked off our 30-day work plan and participated in our first DemoDay. All this means that for this week our priorities are as follow:

  • Use the We Are Open toolkit (we learned in the last weeks) to sync and prioritise our work streams. We will select our next 2-week sprint deliverables that will be presented in the next DemoDay.

  • Initiate the onabording of our new team member for the Community OS Specialist role.

  • Support the Soft-Launch Of Angel DAO

  • Our Community Squad DAO will have its first iteration of Governance

  • By Wednesday we will start sharing all our key success metrics for Q2 with the rest of the NEAR Ecosystem.


Progress from last week:

  • Multiple uses of Createbase New Proposal Structure: Topics tagged createbase-dao
  • Createbase Hackathon - Createbase Events are starting to pop up
  • @jlwaugh stepped up for Sandbox and DAO is being set up Thursday
  • Airmeet is $1100 USD (to be covered by Createbase Guild proposal) a year and will be a meeting place for multiple guilds. NxM Guild already meets there. NEAR India may as well.
  • No solution yet for mass near account creation wrt: Wilde Mohre


  • Meeting with @waverlymaven Friday to discuss hackathon events and tasks
  • Set hackathon events into “Createbase Airmeet” (and invite others to edit/input)
  • Meeting Tuesday to set up Web3 Bridge in the NEAR guild system.
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Last week:

This week:

  • Sputnik v2 docs
  • Community Fund / Grant process
  • DNS settings for Sputnik v1 reskin
  • C+C Hack - Social Token track follow up with Seed Club
  • C+C Hack - tilda page content
  • Schedule & socialize DAO office hours
  • Newsletter content
  • CRM evaluation

Key results from last week:

Plan for this week:

  • invite more developers and creators to participate in the Open Web Community Hackathon
  • share input on principles and practices of the NEAR Community Fund
  • pre-production for promo vid to boost awareness of Sputnik DAO + Governance Challenge
  • collaborate with 4NTS Guild to prepare OWS Discord for hackathon (add category with exclusive channels for hackers / creators, integrate with updated system of contributor and project profiles, organize team-building exercises, and help form Open Web Sandbox DAO)
  • create planning document for a Figment Learn pathway building up to the summit
  • develop new community growth strategies involving social tokens
  • working session to improve forum onboarding
  • draft playbook for local / regional guilds to use our Meetup
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