Community Squad Weekly Update: 31 May 2021

Hello NEARverse!

We are happy to report on our #weekly-updates progress, blockers and the general outlook for this week. This is the second week into our Community sprint #4 and our team have some exciting activities to share… :rocket:
@shreyas @starpause @mecsbecs @jcatnear @jlwaugh @chloe


Special week ALERT! it is #MiamiBitcoin Conf and our Miami NFT Lounge Event is sooo ready to rock! Join a bunch of our NEAR Collective members and be ready to emerge yourself into the NEAR NFTverse, lots of surprises await! Get your ticket here:

It is the last week of our Open Web Creators and Community hackathon, the hack continues and participants will be presenting their creation at the end of the week. We had the chance to sneak peek some projects and my mind was blown away.

This week:

  • The launch of the Entrepreneurs Plug Program
  • Interviews 1 on 1 with Hackathon Participants
  • Budget Review
  • Final candidates interviews for open community positions
  • Invited candidates (that applied for positions and were not short-listed) to join our Community Contributors Program. There is a place for everyone here!

Last Week:

  1. Creatives DAO
  1. Continued the Guilds Audit and Introductions to Guild Leaders
  • Joined the 4NTS and NEAR team sync call
  • Attended the Copper CRM software training and continued to lay the groundwork for the team’s transition of organizing Guild-centered communications on this new platform
  • Ran a Guilds Q&A session with Michael (4NTS), Sofia (Open Web Sandbox), and MarCom team members
  • Began work on the Guilds Playbook draft
  1. Discord Channels Retirement Plan - assisted @jlwaugh with the communication and activation of this phase of the Discord Reorganization

This Week:

  • Share, celebrate, and solicit community feedback on the Creatives DAO launch with @chloe
  • Community OS work session with @starpause @Grace and others
  • Coordinate with and support @Grace to introduce the invited candidates to the Community Contributors Program
  • Complete and deliver for team feedback a draft of the Guilds Playbook (with support from @shreyas and @jcpacion) by Wednesday/Thursday
  • schedule those one-on-one conversations I was unable to last week!
  • attend the remainder of the Hackathon events & support the new and in-progress proposals as they appear. Closing day is Sunday and anyone can still participate!

Governance Update

Last week, our Community Squad DAO welcomed new members:

JC Pacion and Rebecca Hallquist!

New Proposals

We have 2 new proposals to consider this week:

Sandbox DAO Requests 8400 NEAR

Following the request for 4000 NEAR to cover their May budget, the Open Web Sandbox DAO has requested an additional 8400 NEAR for community development:

Vote Here: SputnikDAO

Creatives DAO Requests 4500 NEAR for May 2021

For creative projects in progress and to be started by NEAR Creative Guild/DAO Leaders.

Vote Here: SputnikDAO


Key results from last week:

  • supported hackers!
  • shared feedback on UI / UX design for v2 Sputnik DAOs
  • connected with new Grants Program Manager
  • drafted new Community Fund wiki and proposal template
  • implemented “Discord Channels Retirement Plan”
  • coordinated panel discussion about Sputnik DAOs
  • researched Deep Work skill system and how it can be applied for NEAR community
  • published forum post about “Streamlined Rewards for Guild Contributors
  • hosted “Complexity + Governance” workshop with Dan Friedman
  • published Open Web Hackathon Update with a list of Gov Challenge project proposals
  • launched Ceramic + NEAR: Sputnik DAO Bounty

Plans for this week:

  • finalize updated Community Fund wiki + proposal template
  • integrate Deep Work skill system with OWS Discord
  • develop general contributor playbook
  • conclude Open Web Governance Challenge
  • explore Community OS components
  • continue discussion about NEARpunk DAO
  • reimagine onboarding flows to engage project coordinators

Last week:

This week:


@jlwaugh Thanks for posting this week’s ‘ready to vote proposals’ here, this makes it so much easier!!


Last week:

  • India accelerator
  • Guild onboarding+interview
  • NEAR Japan meetup & partnerships with FV
  • Community+ Edu Sync and action items
  • 1-1s
  • Deep dive with Rebecca+JC about Guilds Playbook
  • Sandbox team meeting and process
  • Hand off sprint Miro sprint work.
  • Nodes weekly with Grace and Chloe

This week:

  • India accelerator
  • Guild onboarding + Process Revamp
  • Japan community meetup plan with FV
  • 1-1
  • Onboarding contributors from recruitment pipeline
  • Guilds Playbook
  • Edu content creator Rust dev onboarding
  • Hiring
  • Special projects

Last Week

  • #CreatorsandCommunities Hackathon
    • NFT drops
    • Form/Sputnik proposal review
    • Presented hackathon at Consensus VR Social Space
  • SputnikDAO
    • Added Analytics tags to reskin site
    • Fixes and features to improve UX

This Week

  • #CreatorsandCommunities Hackathon
    • DAO panel with Illya, Chloe, MP, denysk
    • NFT drops
    • Form/Sputnik proposal review
    • June 6th run of show
  • SputnikDAO
    • Include blog on landing page
    • Review UX Interviews/Feedback
    • v2 smart contract barebones UI soft launch
  • CommunityOS
    • Features & functionality matrix for platforms
    • 1sheet collateral
  • Bitcon Miami
    • NFT Drop (pixelord)
    • NFT Auction (weiwei)
  • OKR <> Metrics mapping

Last week:
Turn all those conversations into action items!

Updates on Top Priorities:

  • Telegram Master Sheet Completed
  • Discord Metrics Identified, next step strategy!
  • Aligned PH Guild and provided insights for their project in the next 3 months
  • Content database being created for past Guild/Community content posted within the forum
  • Got access to Typeform, Survey Drafted, waiting for the Greenlight

This Week:

  • Work with @JMaenen for the Social Media / Community Plan - How can we help with maximizing and distributing the content?
  • Start identifying potential content for the community channel and work on requests
  • Sync with @mecsbecs and @shreyas for Guild Playbook OS
  • Working with @3UN1C3 to get Telegram Moderators up and running
  • Meet with @jlwaugh again for community mods to be incorporated in the Individual Contributors Funnel
  • Continue the content database so Joep can start adding them to the calendar
  • Meet with Jen and Orvard from PH Guild
  • Get started on Influencer Strategy (if I still have time)