[APPROVED ]NEAR integration and promotion through Arroz Estúdios bounties

As the first act of our newly formed Arroz Criativo DAO we would like to publish some bounties which will allow us to provide materials for onboarding artists and creatives into the NEAR ecosystem. It will also serve to promote the NEAR coin and its use by distributing rewards in NEAR.

Our notionboard has already been created and the possible bounties are listed here (more bounties will be added within this month and we are planning to use the first bounties this week as soon as the funding has been approved):

  • Create instruction on how to receive reward for bounties [5N]
  • Give a virtual tour through our RE2 exhibition and share it on your SM [5N]
  • Article about the ARROZ X NEAR collaboration [10 NEAR]
  • Create a summary of the NEAR eco-system [10 NEAR]
  • Article about NFTs, their essence, use and possibilities [15N]
  • Physical Workshop/ talk on entering the crypto sphere & NFTs on May 16th [35N] - COMPLETED

The bounties will include tasks like creating guides on how to use NEAR and an explanation of the ecosystem, use cases of NFTs, the creation of wallets, workshops for onboarding and articles for our crypto blog to promote the NEAR and Arroz collaboration.

We have opened a thread in the NEAR forum for all topics related to our Guild and for sending the proof of the completed bounties.

Once we have a sufficient amount of learning materials and infos, we will proceed with onboarding our active association members, integration NEAR as a method of payment in our physical studios and in the last step we will be integrating the public outside of our association.

In order to guarantee a smooth payout through our DAO we would like to request the amount of 100 NEAR for this first step to our DAO wallet arrozcriativo.sputnikdao.near


Update on our bounties: