Community Squad Weekly Update: 12 APR 21

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Priorities (Update every Monday)
Progress and blockers (Update every Thursday)


Focus this week:

  • Guild onboarding
  • Community OS
  • OSA grant with Blaze- review metrics and next steps
  • WAO workshop
  • OWC candidate interview
  • India accelerator & investor partnership meetings
  • IIITL hackathon meeting
  • NEAR PH community meeting
  • Guild rewards with Eunice
  • 4NTS biweekly

Another week in Paradise! :beach_umbrella: @weekly-report

Last week was productive; we are finally making the Community OS a bit more tangible and possible to share with other teams. Our OKRs are set and we are a ready as a team to start aligning our efforts towards the same goals.

The focus for this week:

  • Kick off 30d plan
  • Complete part 2 of our We are Open Workshop
  • Prepare for our first DemoDay (together Marketing and Community)
  • Present our Community commitment to the Creators and Communities Initiative
  • Kick off Angel DAO
  • Complete the hiring of the Community OS Specialist
  • Post other important vacancies to join the Community team
  • Performance Review for team members of the Community Team

Really excited about the progress made from last week.

Priorities for this week:

  • Update and work on above 1st iterations (hackathon site, community squad dao guide, createbase dao guide)
  • Start setting Events for the first weekend of Hackathon
  • Joined/joining the Sandbox SputnikDAO council and helping set up the council next week at the Sandbox meeting.
  • Meeting with Airmeet team to discuss pro options for Hackathon
  • Support with Wilde Mohre // Mintbase event

Progress from last week:

  • clarified alignment with Community OS initiative
  • supported Rainbow Bridge marketing efforts
  • drafted introduction to NEAR Components in collaboration with OysterPack
  • coordinated Rainbow Bridge quest with Open Sourcerers
  • discussed team OKRs for Q2

Priorities for this week:

  • visualize contributor pathways to help with onboarding improvements
  • develop best practices for Community Council and Community Squad DAO
  • promote next opportunity for technical contributors in the Open Sourcery Guild
  • conduct some targeted outreach to get feedback on Rainbow Bridge + AMM
  • test Sputnik DAO v2 and further plan our announcement of new UI
  • share updates from OWC Demo Day
  • coordinate first Gitcoin email blast for Open Web Creators & Communities Hackathon

Hi all @jlwaugh suggested to post here, I’m answering to this call on NFT art curatorial activities

I run an art blog with more than 78.500 followers at the present moment, I often share NFT art there and would love to write a weekly review on cyberpunk /retrowave and low-fi art on paras and link it to my blog with cards like this one

I submitted your form and answered on Reddit as well, we can track the likes and reblogs in the blog posts and page visualisations on the extended review on paras after the first month to see if this works, I would ask for 5 near each art review.



  • SputnikDAO reskin launch w/ MagicPowered
  • Creators & Communities Hackathon landing page launch w/ MagicPowered
  • SputnikDAO v2 (in Community OS context) PRD
  • DemoDay Preso
  • Community Onboarding & Channel revamp with James

Chloe you rock! Great progress on the hackathon site and Sputnik DAO guide.
:star_struck:Sandbox SputnikDAO and CommunitySquad DAO we are in full Flow!


Hey @James you are on a roll! Thanks for supporting the NEAR team’s efforts. I can’t wait to see the results of the contributors pathways to improve our on boarding. Let me know if you need some help.