Community Squad Weekly Update: 29 MAR 21

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Priorities (Update every Monday)
Progress and blockers (Update every Thursday)

Priorities this week:

  • Guild onboarding
  • India Accelerator
  • Review
  • Meeting with Guild storyteller
  • NEAR RU guild
  • Proposals review & Community Council revamp
  • Community strategy

Progress from last week:

  • coordinated with partners to postpone “Open Web Community” conference and hackathon until May
  • engaged in various discussions about community fund governance (started new channel on Discord)
  • planned collaborations with Bowen Shen of Growth team
  • weekly sync with Marketing team; getting organized for Collision
  • developing Twitter content strategy / processes for @NEARdevs with Open Sourcerers
  • reconnected with folks at Commons Stack and TEC
  • human time with Evgeny Kapun
  • introduced Open Sourcery to the OWS community using Twitter spaces, thanks to Claudio Cossio

Priorities for this week:

  • review Community Council processes
  • participate in “We Are Open” workshop
  • design bounty program for the Open Sourcery Guild
  • share potential Q2 objectives and key results for this Community Squad
  • move forward with governance challenge
  • gather feedback on Sputnik platform
  • lead our next OS adventure by drafting a text-based quest
  • answer questions via Discord and Telegram

Last week’s incremental progress

  • completed 1-1 with the community team members
  • Had intro meetings with NEAR collective members
  • Completed my onboarding
  • Become a Community Council Member
  • Agreed to move the date for the conference and hackathon
  • Familiarized myself with channels, forums, proposals, internal communication tools, marketing strategy, business dev.

Priorities this week

  • Review and complete approval process for pending community fund proposals
  • Draft the first version of the NEAR Community Roadmap
  • Start team discussion on OKRs
  • Post additional Job ads and review applicants
  • Fianlize all team members roles
  • Conduct more interview with Guild leaders
  • Produce the first draft of the Community OS
  • Participate Community Team workshop on Architecture of Participation with We are Open Coop.



Priorities this week:

  • Continue to progress Createbase’s SputnikDAO flow: Createbase - NEAR Forum as a potential flow for other Guilds within the NEAR ecosystem to use when starting to integrate SputnikDAO’s
  • Meet with and guide prospective/new Guild Leaders who are thinking about growing a community @ NEAR (Arroz/AIR Kickoff meeting Thursday)
  • Get the Hackathon DAO’s onto the createbase website: that there is a central location for DAO/Bounty info to live for now.


  • Onboarded to Community Council
  • Onboarded to ASM project via OKR meeting with Maksym & Willem (will be leaning heavily into DAO/communities)
  • Incubators/Grants
    • 1on1 w/ Mildred to validate OWL & understand existing incubator efforts
    • Audited NEAR CDP to understand funnel to OWL + incubator efforts
  • Creators & Communities Events
    • Shifted to May 14th+ via co-ordination w/ Community Squad, Metagov, DystopiaLabs, Seedclub
    • Established email blast schedule & messaging w/ DystopiaLabs



In-progress: Sri Lanka & Turkish Community outreach and activation
In-progress: AMA arrangement for Bridge launch
Ongoing: Telegram and Discord management