Community Squad Weekly Updates: 3 MAY 2021

Briefly describe your ‘key results’ from last week’s work plan and your plan for this week. @weekly-updates
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Last week:

  • Guild onboarding: Reviewed guild application proposals & quiz, sent out acceptance emails, had interviews
  • NEAR RU meeting: Strategy and working group discussion
  • India accelerator: On-boarded Devrel, confirmed partners, ready for launch.
  • BI proposal discussion with their team: Few details to discuss
  • Grants interview and feedback for Dani
  • NEAR PH meeting and strategy
  • OSA proposal discussion and catchup with Blaze
  • NEAR India social media person onboarded
  • NEAR Stars guild discussion
  • 4NTS bi weekly
  • India edu and train the trainer program meeting
  • Africa proposal review
  • Sync with Bowen on growth and India accelerator

This week:

  • India accelerator
  • Guild onboarding
  • Africa proposal meeting
  • Community proposal review
  • BI proposal

Batteries are charged :battery: :rocket: and I am all geared up for this week’s convo.

  • DemoDay week, after two weeks of full work, the Community Squad has something special to show…
  • Sync up with everyone and get up to speed on our community’s TODO’s
  • Our Hackathon and Summit are ready to rock!
  • Hiring, lots of applications to review and decisions to make…all very exciting stuff
  • Work on our CommunityOS v1 and dashboard

:clap: India Accelerator ready to :rocket:Launch! Awesome!!


Status Boards

Sputnik v2 Project at GitHub
Lang DAO Grants at GitHub
Community Squad Key Results

Last Week

  • SputnikDAO
    • More Sputnik QA (ClickUp PDF)
    • Sputnik v2 Docs Kickoff w/ Gus & Den
    • DNS settings for Sputnik v1 reskin (w/ Den & MP)
    • Finalized contract w/ “Project Astro” team for Sputnik V2 UX Sprint
    • SputnikDAO Analytics with Tiffany and Yifang
  • Grant & Funding Reviews
  • Outreach
    • Finalized monthly newsletter content
    • Contributed content to NEARWEEK
    • Presented NFT farming concept at “we’re all NEAR” VR demo hour
  • Community & Creators Summit/Hackathon
    • Onboarded Ben Jacobs to Social Token DAO
    • Promoted CNC CON/HACK in “Future of NFTs” Clubhouse
    • Kicked off bot on NEAR discord for CNC CON/HACK

This Week

  • SputnikDAO
    • Analytics with Tiffany and Yifang
    • New logo and favicon from Josh (+ content updates) to distance from NEAR branding (community project)
  • Community OS
    • Install to socialize DAO office hours
    • Continue roughing in CommunityOS playbook draft
    • Clean up the discord support channels (priority after scam incident)
    • Seed Club Partnership meetings (not naming names for surprise launch)
  • Community & Creators Summit/Hackathon
    • Roadmap discord bot for CNC CON/HACK
    • Publish final bounty/prize numbers
    • Promote with Ross
    • Plan “Communities” panel/preso with Chloe and James for

Key results from last week:

  • synced with Metagov about governance track of hackathon and Metagov Sputnik DAO
  • communicated plans to update role assignment process in the NEAR Discord
  • hosted weekly contributor Q&A session with Chloe
  • promoted weekly Sputnik DAO walkthrough as part of DAO Rush Week
  • presented about OWC&C hackathon during “We’re all NEAR” event in VR
  • repurposed Education Guild on Telegram for NEAR Staker DAO
  • writing about community fund governance with our team
  • helped NEAR India Guild form India Covid Relief DAO
  • participated in “Future of NFTs” event on Clubhouse (organized by Mintbase)
  • made category for Creatives on the forum
  • coordinated with Gitcoin re: hackathon “Prize DAOs” and upcoming email blast
  • met with Collab.Land team to plan bot integration and user experience

Plan for this week:

  • execute hackathon communications plan
    • promote team building exercises next Tuesday
    • finalize landing pages and event schedule
    • coordinate Gitcoin email blasts and social media push
    • distribute hype video and relevant forum posts
    • create specific onboarding materials for hackers
  • explore idea of “Charity DAOs” with Panvala
    • draft forum post with examples: ICR, Marma J Foundation, etc.
  • update role assignment process on Discord
    • add new skill-based roles
    • integrate Collab.Land bot
  • activate Figment Learn Sputnik DAO
  • meet potential contributors in Q&A sessions
  • collaborate on editorial re: DAOs improving ESG performance
  • support launch of India Accelerator
  • DAOify Sandbox rewards with 4NTS Guild
  • help OysterPack write forum post about NEAR Staker DAO

Focusing on hackathon this week:

  • Prep & present with comms squad for internal bi-weekly “Demo Day” → focus on SputnikDAO reskin and Hackathon.
  • Meetings with Ross on how to support Hackathon from marketing standpoint.
  • Working with @enidavis to set social tokens events into hackathon schedule
  • Start officially setting events into Airmeet (+ Airmeet branding graphics)
  • Multiple “Bounty DAO’s” still need to complete their funding proposals. The plan is for each DAO to submit a funding proposal to the community fund for ~2k NEAR in funding (10k USD).
  • Coordinate with Mintbase for hackathon support.