Community Creation NEAR Mexico

Hello, nice to meet you everyone, my name is Juan Peña (jeph.near) and together with my friend, the also teacher @josedlujan José Luján (josedlujan.near) want to do a projects with you. The name of our third teacher and council is Noemi Leon (noemileon.near).

We are experienced programmers with a wide variety of languages, we have seen the potential of NEAR and we know our potential and the potential of our students.

We have a large community of students who (Like us) love to learn and, we believe that we can make several of them part of NEAR.

We do not limit the idea that this guild is only for students from our known communities, but for every student, every teacher, every Jr. or Sr. Developer, Artist or Creative from Mexico.

We want to lead to the creation of the NEAR Mexico guild, we want to create the Discord (created), the Telegram (created) and the DAO.

We have several ideas for the future hoping that they can see the light with NEAR, as we are sure that their potential is very wide and their need is even greater, we are motivated to help increase adoption of NEAR and make teaching more effective in our native language.

Our mission:

*Help form a large community of Developers, Creatives, Artists, Teachers and anyone who wants to contribute to the NEAR ecosystem in Mexico. *

With our experience in teaching we want to make people learn in a simpler way, assigning many new examples, new courses, creating more information in our language.

Our vision:

*We are sure that in the future knowing about blockchain will be essential, so we will help to form the NEAR community in Mexico. *

*Responsibility. *

*Passion. *

*Honesty. *

*Quality. *

We have several programs in mind that we would like to be able to achieve with you, we want to talk about them.

We are eager to hear your comments and would like to speak with one of your team to find out what steps to take here in the forum.

Juan Peña (jeph.near)
José Luján (josedlujan)
Noemi Leon (noemileon.near)

Our links where we will start building the community:





Hola @jeph,

Awesome to see you’re looking to create a Guild for NEAR Mexico! The more the merrier.

Tagging our Guilds team to assist you with the creation of this one.

Keep up the awesome contributions :tada:

@shreyas @Jessica


Thanks, David!

Hi @jeph , that’s awesome to hear! Are you already in touch with @claudioac and the NEAR Hispano?

I’d love to help out on next steps and talk through the guilds program and answer any questions you might have. Can you pick a time that works for you here?

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This is super good! Both @jeph @josedlujan were part of the NEAR Hispano NCD bootcamp.

We will look to support them from our end, help them to understand their project as a Guild.

Ready for the Spanish speaking region to start growing!


Hi @David_NEAR, @shreyas and @claudioac.

Thank you for your comments, we await your approval to give all our effort.

David, thanks for your support.

Shreyas, of course, it will be a pleasure, in a few minutes I confirm the date, again a thank you.

Claudio, thank you especially for offering us support, we hope we can create content that benefits the ecosystem.


Sounds good. Talk soon, @jeph


You are welcome to showcase the proposal in the Monthly Meetup of NEAR Hispano, this coming Wednesday :wink:

Hi there!

We have already done what was commented in the talk, we are very excited to start, we would like to know how we received the “ok” since the waiting days have passed but we do not have confirmation, an apology for the insistence, greetings! @shreyas

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Hi @josedlujan,

As mentioned during our call, you’re all set. You are officially a guild already. When it’s time to request funding, please follow the instructions mentioned here:

If you have any questions, feel free to create a google doc with your plans and share it with the Guilds team (myself, @Jessica , @jcatnear ) and we’re happy to review it and suggest next steps on where to request funding.


Thanks! We have already taken the first step creating the DAO, SputnikDAO
Thank you very much for the support and follow-up