Community Acknowledgement [July]

In line with this post: The OWS monthly report and OWS moderators Community Acknowledgement all the progress that has happened so far would not be possible without the OWS moderators and my extremely supportive and enthusiastic co-lead @mecsbecs . They are daily working on building out the basic infrastructure of the Sandbox and keeping current Sandboxers entertained with various activities. In these early days, the team is building, building and building and we are thrilled to see what the OWS will be like in a few months from now. Stay tuned!

To thank the moderators I propose to reward them in the following way:
@vrdoingthings : 150N
@p0k : 150N
@Samtoshi_F_Baby : 150N
@videvidts : 150N
@cryptocredit : 150N

And the member of the SandboxSputnik DAO:
@OrvardJam : 100N

Extra thanks to @AnaNastya for helping with the project management this month

Thank you guys for the time, effort and passion to build out a better future!



:revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:
Such a solid and talented team!! Congrats on another awesome month.