OWS Community Acknowledgement [December]

Hereby I would like to reward the following OWS moderators for their contribution to the Guild in the month of December:

@Samtoshi_F_Baby : 800 USD - NFT works, support with OWS events (AMA, parties, support with interviewing people for Humans of OWS series, Creators of the Blockchain programme)
@videvidts : 800 USD - ows website development and maintenance, website analytics
@Jacopo : 1600 USD : ows website development and maintanance, OWS gitbook creation, OWS designs for social media and various promotions
@AnaNastya 1600 USD - OWS Project management, collaborations with all the projects outsourcing tasks to OWS, reach out to the new NEAR projects, personal contact with contributors working on these projects as well as general rolling opportunities, moderating OWS Discord Russian Channel

Separate thanks to the language coordinators who have been creating more traffic on our Discord proving 24h concierge services to address questions of the newcomers:

@FritzWorm : 400 USD
@williamx : 400 USD
@Monish016 : 400 USD

Event management: AMAs and Parties hosting + creating relevant content
@Aria : 400 USD

A full report of OWS December performance and activities will be posted in the first week of January.