OWS Community Acknowledgement [November]

In line with the OWS November budget post the following community members should be rewarded for their work in November

@vrdoingthings : 800 USD
@p0k : 400 USD
@Samtoshi_F_Baby : 800 USD
@videvidts : 800 USD
@Jacopo : 1600 USD
@AnaNastya 800 USD

Language coordinators, thank you for stepping in with helping reviewing the proposals. This time we had a lot more capacity to provide feedback to everyone who applied. I believe that provide Sandboxers with more opportunity to learn from peers. @FritzWorm @williamx @Monish016

@FritzWorm : 400 USD
@williamx : 400 USD
@Monish016 : 400 USD

@Aria : 400 USD , thank you for your assistance with making our events more educational-oriented.


Good evening. What kind of work these guys did:


I couldn’t find information here


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I can vouch for @AnaNastya. She’s been conducting interviews to bridge the candidates to the boss/manager. You can see her postings on OWS Discord (her name there is Nastique) and I am one of few people she helped with onboarding processes.


Glad to collaborate with you :heartpulse:

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