[Closedl] Big Russian Boss crypto financial education show “Money. $ave and pre$erve”

Good day NEAR community, its been time since we are following NEAR protocol and love to see how it grows with people, specialists and countless Dapps.

Russian Big Boss youtube channel has 2.71M subscribers
On average our past videos get +100k views, past season shows got +700k views.
First video published 6 years ago.

the_boss_hhf having 552K followers

bigrussianbaws 1.2M followers

ilovebrb 11k subs

bigrussianbaws almost 300k followers

Money. $ave and pre$erve

YouTube channel that helps people understand the crypto market.
Mistrust is the main enemy of mass adaptation of a large number of people to something new. Most people don’t believe in cryptocurrency because they
don’t understand it, even many people inside cryptocommunity can’t answer simple fundamental questions like “what is blockchain?”, “nodes” etc.

Many people think that “crypto” is just another scam, some new tool for speculators or scammers who will just trick the common man into taking his/her money. The viewer doesn’t have a person in this industry whom they can trust, who can show them by example what’s going on and how it works. This is where we see the main problem, that no one can gather all information in one place and present it in a simple and understandable language.

For this purpose we will create a YouTube channel directly aimed at educating the viewer. At the moment we see 2 main formats on the channel.

  1. Lectures - a series of interconnected programs that explain complicated things in simple language. 20-25 shows, which will bring clarity to people interested in crypto market.
  2. Reality - This is an experimental economic reality project related to the crypto market. This project will help to answer the question, whether it is possible to “get rich quick” or at least earn on cryptocurrency, using the money taken on credit.
    At the moment the cryptocurrency market has undergone a big correction looking bearish, and prices of all products have fallen by 90%, this means only one thing, that now is the right time to invest and wait for growth. But how to understand what is worth investing in and what is not worth investing in, what instruments cryptocurrencies have got, where and how to buy them, and most importantly, what are all of them - Tokens, altcoins, bitcoin and other.
    In order to figure it all out, different experts will be involved in the project, real experts with a lot of experience and time in the market. It is these people who will help the host and the viewers to figure out what is what and how it all works.


  1. A block of the main news for the week in a humorous form, since the news is likely to be irrelevant at a time distance.
  2. Prediction and forecasts for currencies, divination from gypsies, stars, moon phases, etc. Find the funniest examples of divination.
  3. Coverage of promising projects. For the relevance of the corporate TG channel, where promising projects are being implemented and disclosed. Everything happened on the SPOTE, in the future it is possible to include trading with small leverage. Creating a community in the TG with the possibility of investing in a pool (collective farm)
  4. Success stories of people from the crypto industry. Interview.
  5. Analysis and analysis of Crypto projects. Crypto funds. Communication with the creator and capture. (Interview)
  6. The boss is trying to make money on P2E.L2E. trading is aggressive, trading is conservative with investing, investing, investing with staking.
  7. Answers to questions from the audience.
  8. Psychological help. The format in which assistance is provided to people who have lost their money. Analysis of the mistakes of investor behavior, and personal stories. Visually resembles clubs for alcoholics, where group classes are held.

Our Team
Big Russian Boss - main creator
Vasily (myself) - BRB manager
Vitaly - BRB producer
Zhunda - as support in with information, latest news about NEAR, content and contest planning and partnerships between NEAR and BRB.

What we are up to?

For current proposal:

  • We want to create a crypto show with Russian Big Boss that will teach young investors, people that lack financial grammar, newbies that are looking to get a fresh start learning what is crypto and blockchain.
    Main idea of show is to get a credit (loan) as many “make xxx profit in month” take debts to grow their wealth, where we want to show audience most often mistakes having such reasons. Ideally showing weekly review on how our crypto portfolio grows or loses funding.

We plan to create educational videos about finance habits and crypto on a monthly basis.
BRB is one of Russian most favourite influencers, respectful and always considered as an authority in Russia’s internet world.

Since we got plenty of friends in finance niche we want to create interviews with them to follow up their recommendations, listen to their stories of investment life and simply exchange in practice, trading, shorts and longs, long term or short term investments. As sample those could be

  • Ribakov
  • Guriev
    And other well known Russian investment and business geniuses.

In general main target of crypto show will be educating people that are not familiar with blockchain, thus bringing absolute newbies into NEAR by teaching them what is crypto in whole, how exchanges work, what is De-Fi, NFTs and all on examples of NEAR protocol.

Here is a pitch as it might look: primer tizera

In long term:
Become NEAR and Aurora ambassadors by creating educational youtube and social channels based on Big Russian Bosses audience.

What impact it will bring to NEAR?

  • For October activities bring an audience reach of more then 200k users distributing info mainly on Youtube, and secondary on rest social platforms.
  • Create the first video of the show so the story can roll out. Filming might take 2-3 days.
  • Advertise it on all our social media platforms and see how impact grows. In that way taking audience from BRB channels and bringing crypto enthusiasts to separate channel.
  • Giveaway contest can be brought. Can be as simple as create a NEAR wallet and few coins can be played out, or making it more engaging asking to tag answers or even sending video questions to BRB and it’s guests.

Details of funding.
To cover up video recording in studio for a few days, creation with montage and post production with advertising we would like to ask from NEAR and Marketing council:

In total asking NEAR to cover USD 8000
Quality filming and production will take the most of the budget 7500 USD.
Support and collaboration with/from NEAR Stars Guild 500 USD.
NEAR wallet adress unit01.near


Good day @unit01 @marketingdao-council and NEAR community.

Vasily is manager of one of the most biggest Russian youtubers Big Russian Boss. I am a big fan of his, not only because hes funny and knows how to grab attention with show performance and story telling, but mostly that hes like Notorious BIG legend in Russian comedy and straight forward wise intelectual persona what gives most respect to him and strong reputation.

We have had chat for a longer time now and their team is full of ideas and concepts how info about crypto and financial education can be given to the masses. So i wouldnt make any suggestions to creativity that they want to make, just assist with info exchange, share some bits of mentionable info and create a givaway contest of 500 USD in NEAR for their first episode.

To measure KPI and get russian speaking audience join social media of NEAR, register on forum, create name.near wallets, post an article or simply retweet messages using Gleam.io platform trough NEAR Stars Guild.

And another thing I wanted to mention. Peace hasnt come to Ukraine and Russia yet, now people are afraid and making run from both countries. Dont want to get political but for those who have on mind not to support BRB because hes Russian, want to say that at first we are crypto community and their team wants to educate people in that niche, after we are NEAR protocol community and only then borders and nations divide us. So in such a critical moment for russian speaking world where money is losing its value, there is no trust in tomorrow and people are just feeling lost, its a good begining to drive those people in crypto communities as an alternative financial security, monetary system and simply share ideas with audience on how not to make most often mistakes on investments or savings.


Now we are in Kazahstan,Almaty)


great channel, attractive stuff.
I think it’s worth for such series being hosted on the BRBS youtube and other socials and being designed by the same team

but I would recommend do the giveaway in the second or the third episode.
If we do giveaway on the first one it would look like an AD then a good series of useful information about web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency, Near…
So lets make it look natural and keep is as simple as possible especially in the first episodes. my 2cents @unit01 @Zhunda


It seems to me it is better to make contests in the telegram channel. Come up with interesting tasks and distribute tokens for them as rewards. We can draw the NFTS for awarding the winners.


Hey Kripto Raptor, got your idea, well contextually eveyone will understand that NEAR supports show. If your cool all right, we can make an NFT drops for warmup as @unit01 mentioned to get atleast fresh flow to NEAR Russian TG.

Since @unit01 cant submit PDFs, here is scenario about what show will be.
ssbrbcripto2.pdf (2.3 MB)


Do you want to teach people how to trade and choose the right scheme for trading? Are you responsible for the loss of funds that members of the community may have? If marketing approves this offer and, for example, I lose money, then who should I blame? Marketing or you? I will definitely not blame myself, since I will trade according to your lessons.
Thx :blush:


Our content is educational and entertaining. We do not teach anyone, as we do not have the competence to teach. We will show by our own example what we do and how. And to follow it or not is a personal matter for everyone. Each person is responsible for their actions and blaming someone for something is pointless. We do not engage in trading and do not recommend it, especially if you are not ready to take risks and responsibility for your actions. Best wishes)


are you serious?!!! :rofl:

any other questions?)

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Hello, @Zhunda could you please split the total budget for each category?

For example

Content → Writing → guide > $400 / KPIs, goals, metrics
Social media → Twitter → $400 / KPIs, goals, metrics/

And exclude not supported categories.

Thank you!

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Got some updates about from BRB’s team.
Not detailed for supported categories cuz it’s filming.

1 series cost

Studio rent - 1000 USD ( with props)
Team – 4000 USD ( director, producer, operator, light, equipment)
Montage and editing - 1000 USD
Graphics – 1000 USD

Social media content creation and posts - 500 USD

Stars Guild administration (getting peeks in scenario and design to get cool NEAR mentions, suggestions in SMM content publications, post production advertising trogh Stars guild channels).

KPI will be gathered from existing accounts and sent to specially created channel for the whole Show.
From Insta the_boss_hhf plan to get >200k impressions
From TikTok bigrussianbaws >300k impressions
Twitter bigrussianbaws >100k impressions
Announcment on Youtube BigRussianBossShow >150k impressions

In total for show on Youtube plan to get around 150k views by month.

Anyhow, if deeper details needed, let me know. :wink:

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Thanks for following up on this Zhunda,

How will the content be determined? Seems like a big opportunity to get a professional team in front of a large audience, how can we get the most value by selecting content that aligns strategically with NEAR’s growth goals ?

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Got these written in idea and aproximate scenario for the show.

About the rest.

  • Maximum view of logo as symbol of NEAR.
  • Mentions by naming NEAR in plenty of positive associations.
  • Links to most essential news, updates or tech details about NEAR.
  • Engagement. Get the most oppened wallets by motivating users to do so with a givaway and by naming wide range of possibilities that NEAR wallet can give.
  • Redirection to NEAR community social networks and forum.

Anyhow BRB team is asking a feedback from NEAR what does Marketing council see as worth mentioning or doing. We can arrange a call to skip any missunderstandings and common things that NEAR wants to share.

hi @Zhunda good to see you are still working to raise awareness in NEAR.

I have read through the proposal and script pdf - but just to be clear - are you proposing that BRB will be producing a series of videos? or is this a one off ?

TBH i am a little concerned that the proposed content is vague. Maybe it would be useful to outline this in greater detail…

Thanks for the proposal – we are working to clear out the backlog on proposals and appreciate your patience and answers to the questions.

Please fill out this form as part of the new application process.

Also, can you clarify this for me – is this content going to publish on the existing BRB channel or on a completely new channel?


Hello! Thank you for your proposal. Unfortunately, influencer marketing is out of Marketing DAO’s scope. Try to apply for a NF grant NEAR Foundation Grants – NEAR Protocol

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