[Closed] Russian YOUTUBERS collabs

Hello :slight_smile:

Would really appreciate your attention on :arrow_down: :

As a former member of Stars Guild, I had an opportunity to work with Russian :ru: YouTubers on the subject of collaborations (video promotion for NEAR)

I liked it so much that I want to continue moving in this direction, but independently (of course, with a view on a future work with other representatives of the ecosystem).

I have at least - at the moment - 2 (two) contacts of Russian YouTubers who are eager :cherries: to collaborate with our token

I ask you to see, what I mean:

  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNdVwrx4lc_41fJRLN9D5CQ

He asks 600 USD ( = 54near ) and i want 260 USD ( = 23 near ) - i am agreeD on it because the amount of 600$ is ± experienced (based on my previous work when the guy with the smaller amount of subscribers and views was agreed on 400$). - here is a video, by the way: 🔥Обзор криптовалюты NEAR Protocol 🚀 Yield farming NEAR на Cheddar.farm💰 - YouTube.

He talks about the Cheddar Farm also.

The procent i am taking - is based on my previous experience, as well with a bit of fresh and brave view on what i made.

  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUP66dHwZxisqlIYUXpDZQg

THEY ask 2800 USD ( = 254 near )

Why do i dare? Because of their statistics.

394 th. of subscribers, as well as avarage 30 th. of views under the video.

(plus, they didn’t agree to anything less, lol. I was intrigued by their self-confidence and inaccessibility, whatever. I wanted to respect. Plus, I think they deserve it and understand what they are doing)

For the second one i want a percentage in the form of $400 (= 36 near ). The price I request, according to my logic, depends on the original request of the “client”.

It seemed to me that when and if a partner asks for a larger price, it means that the percentage that I can get may also be larger.

Also, this project is important to me, because I’m just starting out :hatching_chick: and I want support not only in the form of rewards, but also in the form of, I don’t know, in general))

The topic of linking with influencers and spreading the voice of NEAR beyond the ecosystem is extremely close to me, I would like to develop in this direction.

I will be glad for feedbacks, ideas, responses about the price.

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Good morning. His channel about traditional financing. I couldn’t find any crypto content there…

I propose to you do deep research, prepare list of ru YouTube bloggers and after we can choose which of them deserve to be rewarded from Near.

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Good Morning

yes, u are right, thx for pointing out that thing towards financing bloger, its relieving, lol

i would leave the крипто батенька for the moment, he deserves it.

about the rest of what you said - yes, maybe, why not.

But maybe not russians next time.

But actually i love ru in the context of work - at least for the moment. :horse_racing:

Any thoughts here @Zhunda @Lolson_tg ? as Guild Leaders who usually work with influencers, would like to consult you guys :slight_smile:


Hey @sundradelune @jcatnear

I think the first option looks good and for a great price. BUT single videos do not bring any significant effect in our opinion. It is important to make a complex (post on social networks + video + instructions) so that subscribers participate in the ecosystem. This is our approach. A single content will give 10-20 registrations, full-fledged support of the project will make it adored! This is our personal opinion.
Conversion from single content is minimal and mostly not worth the effort and money spent.

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Hey JC, @sundradelune is amazing when it goes to communication with influencers.
Have teachen her, gave advices, she feels natural in working with youtubers like fish in water.

ЗАМЕТКИ МИЛЛИОНЕРА channel isn’t much about crypto.
Second one is cool. :sunglasses:

I would recommend her to pick up 3-5 youtubers.
Pick a topic/product from awesomenear.com
Reach out product admins and ask them what are the latest updates and come up with fixed proposal. Here’s a sample: [Proposal] NEAR Stars Guild October plan for RefFinance promo

@jcatnear as Sasha mentioned she was in our Stars Guild, just due personal reasons i don’t want to work with her.

She could join Kithcen Guild or go with Russain Guild (or any other Russian speaking) and do the magic there by advertising guilds events or idk what kind of collab can be created after negotiation with guild leaders. It’s up to her.

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да, согласна, идея потрясающая и смысла тратить время на одноразовые акции я больше не вижу…