Closed this program

cloesed this program


I love expressionale works knew them for long :four_leaf_clover: :heart_hands:


great designs, nice project!

Do you have a plan on how you will be communicating and coordinating shipping to those who may want to purchase these pieces?


Yes, sure in as much as we will be having our physical store in the name of NEAR and Family DAO,
its gonna be a complete office, dealing with only NEAR Crypto for transactions,
so every new buyers will be onboarded before they could purchase, Which we will have to teach them how to fund their wallet first as required to buy the products in our store with NFTs.

But as for people that cannot come to our store but can only purchase the NFTs from somewhere else around the world, I personally have an experience of shipping goods, so the contact details of
Family DAO will be on the NFTs description while minting these pieces, for easier communication of requesting addresses and further inquiries. Thank you @adrianseneca :heart:


thank you @DUCHESS1 for this!

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