[PROPOSAL] Family DAO Family Visiting Project March

For every month,
We tend to visit 4 different families to carry out all the activities mentioned In the Introduction to the Family DAO

For each families we are splitting $400 in NEAR between the father and the mother ($200 Each)

$400 for 4 families

Total: $1600

We are giving them to put happiness in their home, so many families needs this support to be very honest, no one would do it if the near foundation ain’t gonna do it. this will forever put the happiness in their family.

This will give us chance to educate them about the whole NEAR ECOSYSTEM

They will also share secrets in their family linage to us, which we can mint and sell as NFTs with their NEAR wallet.
Their culture, etc will be shared with us and everything will be recorded in the interview
We will onboard their children also into various DAOs like Afrostar Guild, NxM, Muti, etc.

Interviwers, @Duchess, @sterryo and myself.

wallet: bheegem.near

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Good morning. Sorry, don’t understand how will you choose families?

Why $400?
What the education plan?


Also just linking @jlwaugh in here due to the previous conversations about working with families/minors. Let us know if we should move all the family DAO proposals to Community or Marketing :slight_smile: