[ closed ] the ultimate onboarding guide connection

Hello every one, how are you?
We from The Clan DAO started to develop a full open source guide, with the purpouse of onboarding everyone, even with no knowledgment, to help then go easily step by step at every part of the process. from arrive trough web3 concepts, blockchain, tokens, near, wallet, finances, nfts subjects, artists, collectors, marketplaces, mint, list, self management, self advertisment, etc. All the process… We are requesting funds with the creative dao, and we want to share knowledgement to build this, as it will be a organic flow. We started a mockup HERE

and we want to build together. The idea is to, at a near future, start to develop it as a dapp or a website, to make it even more accurated, but we can first work with a huge nice builded PDF.

Please lets share.
Thank you.

Unfortunally this project was on hold, and its offline.


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Hey there,
this document is not open, could you change that so it is accessible ?

This project is offline. Let me change it to closed.

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For the accounting, Im returning the full 40N that was used for this project to the dao, so it should be used at another projects. I need to review the value at usd of the near that was used at that time and made the balance. The near was 7.7usd at that time. It was 308usd. Now at 10usd, 30.8N.

As the project was discontinued, it have no purpose of being used anymore.

Done. Heres the transaction

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Ok Thank you for clarifying !

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You welcome. thank you for the good work.

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