[Closed] The first African/Nigerian video commercial/ Advertising

Hello Fam

I’m El Khush, the guest Afro infusion artist that took the C1/NxM guild to Abuja tour and with its success it has created an idea of making a 50 minutes video commercial showcasing African culture and how it will develop with the near NFTs and also the Near token and how it has positively helped people grow, with theme songs from the just concluded Near music anthem competition and a song from my just completed and minted EP on the Nxm Mintbase store which will also lead to the collaboration with the artist that won the competition, it’ll also involve two (2) females and a kid of at least 8 to 11 years for commentary as the commercial is also targeted at creating awareness of gender equality to the general public.
I will be collaborating with a video director and a producer for recording of both audio and visuals, afterwards the video commercial can be used for marketing purposes and referrals, it will also be minted on the NxM Mintbase store. I will firstly start by gathering informations from some guilds currently in Nigeria and interviewing some of the already know faces and names both in Nigeria and the rest of the world, this project is expected to take at least 3 weeks to properly complete, I will be reaching out to some very good people that has been helping to grow the web3 ecosystem and the Near token in various fields it will also be advertised on social media with the help of at least 2 to 3 good African social media blogs ( this is a topic for review as we are still having a ban on crypto currency’s promotion in my country, Nigeria ) i can work with bloggers from other African countries.
Thank you as I look forward to bring this idea into realization.

  1. Audio and visuals production $700 ( Audio recording of commentary and visuals production of the commercial ).
  2. Costumes and Props ( $200 )
  3. Transportation of equipments, transportation and bounty for models and feeding ( $400 ).
  4. Social media Advertisement. ( $700 )
    With a total of $2,000

I will like to make a request for 67% funding which will be $1,340.00 ( 100.45 Near ) to kickstart.

However, any other cost or miscellaneous expenses that comes during the planning process will be sorted out by me and Communicated here @Paul @Monish016


This proposal looks good, however I’d advise to include such commercial proposal into C1 budget for March 2022 (@Dedeukwu @JCB) or submit the proposal to Marketing DAO.

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Hello @Paul please check for corrections made and I have also reached out to @JCB and @Dedeukwu I’m awaiting their response.
Thank you

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Good morning, and finally is your proposal for Marketing DAO? Thank You :blush:

Greetings Fam @Dacha yes it is for marketing Dao thank you

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@Monish016 @JCB @Dedeukwu Gm guys, what do you think about the proposal ?


Hey @Dacha, First I would say I am in love with the Proposal having African traditional Music about NEAR NFT and NEAR

But if you ask me There are certain Constrains,

if this proposal Would have been on Nxm I would have Approved it because it fulfills the Nxm Requirements (Not Considering the Budget)

While this is in Marketing DAO, There are Certain Metrics or Measurement to Success I would like to see,

  • How far this Video Could Reach? Estimated Metrics
  • Who is the video Targeted for?
  • is it Legal to have Children in the Video for Unregulated crypto laws
  • What Social Media Advertisement accounts? Ads, Campaigns, etc.,

my views totally, yet I still like the idea


Hello @Monish016

You have asked very good questions.

  • How far this Video Could Reach? Estimated Metrics

With the use of Social media targeting some states in Nigeria and some other African Countries outside Nigeria, we can reach a very good number of people ( depending on our estimated reach on social media promotions which is the most essential tool in this project as ) also, in the video people with very good credibility will be contacted to make a 50 seconds video introducing themselves, speaking briefly about their journey and how the Near web3 ecosystem changed their lives or provided a better meaning to the art they possess and it will all be mixed on the video, thereby also reaching out to their fanbase as we’ll also have them make posts on their personal social media handles, we also have the other guilds in and outside Nigeria that’ll partake in the commercial thereby drawing strength from their own posts and push, it is going to involve everyone who partakes during and after the commercial shoot e.g if @vandal is going to send his 50 secs clip, he’ll also be involved in making a social media post on all his social media pages, this will let people on his page know that Africa is also rising up in the Near web3 ecosystem, so we cannot categorically place an Estimated metrics on this Video commercial project because it will be available to all who participated to promote on their social media pages

  • Who is the video Targeted for?

Here in Africa, most people are moved by what they see on the news or results from circulating news, after carefully looking at most on boarding events and the challenges faced, i have noticed that people are still confused here in Africa or some just don’t get it yet because of all the computer and crypto terminologies associated with the web3 ecosystem, this video commercial will serve as a tool for breaking down these terminologies and explaining the web3 ecosystem in a lay mans language thereby circulating information that people from their various location can understand and then do follow up research on.

  • is it Legal to have Children in the Video for Unregulated crypto laws

We already have a guild #afrostar-guild ( i don’t know for sure if there are more ) but there’s one here in Lagos, Nigeria that already started working with some very creative kids and mostly brought in by their parent to join in the web3 ecosystem and as per the ban on crypto currency regulations, we still have some local and international crypto trading platforms that are currently running massive promos and also co-sponsoring some very big TV shows here in Nigeria and this won’t be for TV but social media.

  • What Social Media Advertisement accounts? Ads, Campaigns, etc.,

We have some very powerful social media accounts like
Twitter and Tiktok
that can drive our purpose, we can run ads on all these platforms, it can be done by everyone who partakes in the video commercial thereby spreading our reach and target and we can also make use of some social media blogs and pages.

there’s also a plan to include an Ebook format guide as unlockables for new guilds/communities and for project purposes like onboarding events and listing the present active guilds, their mission and vision, as a directory for newly on boarded members, ( all submitted videos will then be written as an article ) just so they know where and how to start with their journey through the web3 ecosystem ( still under review by me ), with limited copies for the first set of purchases … etc. i’ll also be giving time to time updates on the progress of the project as it is ongoing until it is finished.

thank you.

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Good morning,Thank You :wave:


Can you clarify the social media advertisement aspect of your proposal?

What are you promoting and which paid channels are you using?


Hello @Klint,

the social media Ads aspect has to do with using blogs to promote the commercial video after minting it, it’s a video commercial for sensitization and also on boarding, so using Instagram blog pages, Facebook blogs and twitter promotions will help to meet a bigger and more engaging audience as they’ll be barcodes to scan and it’ll go straight to the account creation page, we can also list existing communities in Africa, Nigeria so people can easily be a part of the closest community

i will be promoting the video commercial that i am proposing for after it is done and minted, it also comes with a limited Ebook ( also for promotion as an unlockable ).

i hope this answers your question.


You won’t be able to publish ads for NFTs on the the following platforms:

Youtube / Google Ads
(unless you’ve gone through the certification process)

Facebook / Instagram

It’s a no for me.

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What a great concept! Having African traditional music about NEAR NFTs and NEAR.
Video commercial been used for referrals and Marketing purpose?

I think you should collaborate with NxM.

@Klint i understand but in the spirit of growing and expanding, do we find solutions to problems or just outrightly turn down a great opportunity, as an African/Nigerian and for the purpose of what this project will be representing, in it’s form it is not about me but for all Africans, i humbly request that it should be carefully looked at, if we have to use other tools that can work, we should, when we hosted the Abuja onboarding event, we made instagram and twitter ads and it really served it’s purpose and helped to promote the event, thank you, check link attached and scroll down to "Do I need prior permission to run ads for NFTs (non-fungible tokens)?’