(CLOSED) Talent Hunt Competition Titled "The Future is Near"

Project Description:

“The Future is Near” is an online social media music competition for music artists.

The idea of this is to attract music creatives in Nigeria through the means of social media (Instagram & online Blogs) engaging them through a musical competition where a cash incentive is to be given to the winner.

Let me use this scenario as an example :arrow_down:
Nescafe one song music competition

This picture is a picture of a music competition (Nescafe one song) that held in may 2020 and it got a minimum of 1,800 entries over a four week period.

A competition like this will do the following:

  1. Bring more members to the C1 guild
  2. Generate traffic on our social platforms (Instagram,twitter,Telegram,discord).
  3. Bring more people to the Near ecosystem.

This campaign is aimed at being a 2 - 4 weeks long campaign.
As we are aware of the current situation in Nigeria with the ban on the use of any crypto, we aim at using a reliable approach in which no laws are broken and at the same time we get our desired results.
First thing we will be doing is to partner with an NGO through which we will be launching our campaign.
The first week would be for the generation of top notch contents as well as the advertisment of the competition through Influencers and blogs.
In the remaining weeks, the best contestants will be posted on our social platforms on a weekly bases until one emerges the winner.

If any of our contestants wish to mint their contents, we will be helping them with that by providing information as to how they can go about it.

We will assist through our social platforms (Instagram,Discord,Twitter,Telegram) on setting up Near wallets for our contestants as most of the traffic will be pushed to the C1 guild on those platforms.

Requesting a sum of $900 / 72 NEAR

20 N - $250 for winning prize
12 N - $150 for ads and marketing (influencers)
40 N - $500 for motion graphics, designs, video editing (through out the campaign)

PAYOUT : hawwal.near

@JCB @Dedeukwu


Hey @Hawwal

Can you please submit this to the C1 DAO for your ideation payout of 5N?


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Alright, I will do that now. Thanks

Yo brother, can you break the talent hunt idea to step by step and how you plan to achieve this so we can look into getting it in our December budget.

Hey bro, so here’s the plan breakdown.

  • First phase - The generation of content like banners, short motion graphics to share on our social platforms and with blogs to spread the message and attract people to come to apply.

  • Second Phase - With our newly registered C1 guild as an NGO, we will be advertising the content across social media to a demographic of musical artists stating our purpose to help upcoming artists.

  • Third phase - Collecting of all the contents to view and make a selection of our top finalists.

  • Fourth phase - Awarding our winner.

This campaign is to last for a 3-4 weeks period, maybe up to 5 weeks until we get a satisfying number of entries.
A 1-minute or 30 seconds beat/instrumental will be created to give to participants of the competition which they will be given to make a song on with a theme about Africa or any given theme of choice as we get to the execution phase.
At the end of the first round, two finalists will emerge which we’ll be giving them a chance to get votes on their pages. contestants with the highest votes win.
All the traffic from social media and form blogs we make our adverts will be diverted to our website where they did be getting the contract forms from and the beat they are to work with.
At the end of the competition, the winning/ 1st runner-up song will be minted as an NFT and visuals will be designed for the songs which we’ll have a percentage on the NFT’s as the artist will also have their percentage in the royalties.
A contract will be drafted to give to any artist that wishes to participate allowing us to use their content for promotional purposes on our social media and website.

if you have any further questions, do let me know.