[APPROVED]- C1 Budget for December

C1 plans to hit the pavement hard this month. We have plans to engage the community more with seminars, competitions, and bounties that encourage creatives to get active. We have brought in a heavy music industry contact to engage with the wider near community and beyond, for musicians and producers by offering a free mix seminar, to offer tips and tricks and processes. We are speaking to our own counsel regarding the shift to becoming a legal registered international NGO and create a wrapped DAO. We appreciate all of the opportunities provided by NEAR and the creatives, and plan to make this month a month to remember!

  1. C1 TV Seminars - $1000 / 105N

We are excited to have SterryO continue his weekly seminar in our discord server. His seminars have been so informative and insightful for artists of all kinds. The amount of work to secure artists, produce for them live, and keep the community engaged is amazing and something C1 has to offer the community until we generate enough revenue to build up phisical educational and creative spaces.


  1. Talent Hunt and Contest - $900 / 94N

This was stemmed from an ideation passed a few months back. It will act as an onboarding mechanism while keeping the community engaged in production activities. We are excited to see Hawwal, a successful entertainer, reach out and engage with other entertainers, and offer the platform of NEAR to help aid in there individual successes.

  1. Grammy Certified Engineer, Blake Harden Mix Seminar - $1000 / 105N

This seminar is featuring a Grammy Certified engineer and producer based in Los Angelas California. He will be mixing an AudioNFT and explaining his process step by step. This is an opportunity to see how an industry heavy weight works. Blake has engineered for the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Katy Perry, Travis Scott, and many more. The song being mixed will be a sneak peak of an AudioNFT by an artist with over 300 million streams on YouTube.


  1. Seminar Graphic Design Bounties - $100 / 10.5N

We will offer bounties for the graphic work for the weekly seminars. There will be a total of four pieces of art.

  1. Project management - $1000 / 105N

We will oversee the whole months work and engage with the community, guiding and minting, and hosting community calls. We will continue to network with other guilds and take part in the university blockchain groups AMA’s.

Total requested funds for the month $4000 / 419.5N as of Dec 9th.




Niceness @JCB we on the right path. :purple_heart::partying_face::fire:


Thank you for the proposal! It is great to see how C1 is growing and paving it’s way!

It would be great to get some more stats about the previous workshops besides the screenshots, would you happen to have some from November?

This will start in December already?


I’m not sure I understand stats other then proof of the attendance in the pictures? @sterryo can provide names of artists who he produced for and the events, but not sure of other stats you require, can you please specify?

The talent Hunt will commence upon approval of the proposal and run for the duration of the program, depending on turn out as mentioned in the proposal to C1 by @Hawwal. He will run it for 3 to 4 weeks and if there are more submissions and interest it could in another week.



Sorry, wrong wording. Rather some metrics for the workshop or goals :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying!


Ahhh okay, the workshops are for the community to gather and learn techniques in production or whatever art is being showcased. The artwork that is demonstrated for the workshops are minted as NFTs. It is also part of the charity initiative to offer free education while we work towards building revenue for free work spaces.

For the workshops, @sterryo offers free services to our community members in Lagos State, and in the past month we extended this to some of our Lagos State student members, to give them the opportunities to record with a professional engineer and producer and introduce them to the blockchain. I believe @Dedeukwu mentioned in @sterryos proposal that he has some content from the seminars awaiting final art before minting.


@JCB already mentioned the goals and @sterryo provided the metrics which is how many people attended and when it comes to the contents achieved from the workshops i have @larkim Afro guitar NFTs @Psticks drums NFTs which requires artworks to mint plus @FortuneART NFTs & @Olawale NFTs paintings which i just photographed and ready to be minted in our C1Auctionhouse……Thanks for asking @tabear if this doesn’t answer your question pls let us know :raised_hands:t6:


Very proud of C1!! You’ve all come a long way and this proposal looks like it’s going to be epic! Keep up all the good work!


@tabear its a frontline project… where the process of making different kinds of art is being broadcasted live in other to educate the community every Saturday, its also an avenue to engage with the community and all content made during the workshop will be minted as NFT in C1 guild strore
this is being carried carried out by @Dedeukwu and myself.

this is the metrics for last november, showing the activities and attendants on our discord channel C1 GUILD NOVEMBER METRIC - Google Drive


Thanks Vandal! We are super excited for the things to come.


Thank you all for the replies! Happy to change this to “approved”.
Would be great to see some infos for the next workshops then in the report/ next budget.

Please request the payout from the DAO.


Thanks Tabea, submitted to the DAO.

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